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The immediate assumption when seeing a movie starring both Jonah Hill and James Franco is that it is of course a comedy, but when you place the fact both of these guys are Oscar-nominated actors in front of that you can understand where things might not be all you expect. 1,688 more words

Jonah Hill


“Thinner”- Horror, Thriller

I took a body fat test and my results say my body fat is at 38 percent; I’ve accepted that I am “skinny fat.” I’m not too sure how this happened…maybe it’s due to my lack of outdoor activities, or maybe it’s the fact that I watch about 5-7 movies a week, or maybe it’s because I have a microwave in my movie room because I just can’t walk ALL the way down stairs to heat up my food while watching a movie, also known as laziness.   334 more words


Movie Review: Safe

Jason Statham, you’re killing me, man. You’re killing me.

If you read my Homefront review, my Transporter review, and/or my Transporter 2 review, you know that Jason Statham has my utmost respect. 1,238 more words


Trailer for the Final Film in the Henry Fool Trilogy 'Ned Rifle'

I’ve never seen the first two films, ‘Henry Fool’ and ‘Fay Grim’ in Hal Hartley’s trilogy, so perhaps this trailer isn’t meant for me. It felt like a music video that I didn’t want to watch but Aubrey Plaza was in a bra and thigh high stockings. 6 more words


Movie Review - Thinner (1996)

Director: Tom Holland

Stars: Robert John Burke, Joe Mantegna, Lucinda Jenney, Michael Constantine, Kari Wuhner.

Billy (Burke) is a lawyer who inadvertently causes harm to the leader of a gypsy community. 418 more words

He Loves the Schlock, Episode Nine: Thinner

By Vince Gaetano

Sometimes the best movies are just the worst. Does that sound confusing? Of course it does! But don’t worry. I’m here to make things crystal clear. 1,036 more words