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Burning Rubber

Well, the novel had begun. The outline is all done(ish), and it is time for me to start burning some rubber on this bad boy and cranking out the words. 124 more words

Robert Johnson and His Deal with the Devil

Robert Johnson, or at least the mythical version of him, is pervasive in American pop culture. He is considered a “Faustian” character, which essentially means the story surrounding him involves making a deal with… 270 more words

Creepy Americana

Good Vibes

My neighbors must hate me. If not to my face, then they surely do when the mass of sonic energy rolls across the yard, crossing the boundary into their territory and rattling their walls as rapid tremors run through the ground, causing glass vases to tremble precariously and shaking pictures on the wall so they hang slightly off kilter. 1,028 more words


#102: "Fresh Cream" by Cream

Wow.  Other than playing lead on “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” on the White Album, this is Clapton’s first true appearance on the List.  As prolific as he’s been for the last 50 years, I’m kinda surprised it took this long to run into a Clapton album.   502 more words


Why do people believe satanists sold their souls in exchange for money and fame?

It’s origins are in the German legend of Faust. Although Faust is successful, he remains dissatisfied with his life. He makes a pact with the devil for endless pleasure and knowledge in exchange for his soul. 214 more words


The 27 Club

Today, July 3rd, marks the death of rock stars Jim Morrison and Brian Jones. Both Jim and Brian were 27 years old at the time of their deaths. 391 more words


It Was A Set Your Daddy Dug Tonight [Live Tracks Included]

The inestimably excellent Virgil Thrasher brought his groovily moody and soulfully squallfull harmonica to the stage this evening, and together we ran down a set list which—upon retrospecting—I rather dig. 271 more words

Preacher Boy