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5 Historic Encounters with the Devil

By The Paranormal Scholar

The devil appears in folklore throughout history. Some alleged encounters with the devil are dark, often resulting in demonic possession. Other encounters with the devil in result in the great beast being thwarted by man.


Dark Sonnet, My Undoing

The July Challenge given to us by qbit is a Dark Sonnet.  I must confess, I wrote one, felt a bit restless about it, so I wrote another one.   304 more words


Lute Concert - Northamptonshire

Image: Detail from Isaac Oliver’s ‘A party in the open air’ in the National Gallery of Denmark.

Delighted to be performing a lute concert in Plumpton, St John the Baptist, Northamptonshire, on 4th August 2017. 25 more words



Granted, this is a bit of a departure from the subject matter normally found here at NEWSSPELLCOM.org. Nonetheless, the significance of pop culture in shaping the mindset of Americans cannot be underestimated. 1,278 more words

Truth Info

Operations Management

On my desk: getting back to basics, for a new elephant-type project. You know what they say about how to eat an elephant.

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Trivia and the Devil's Blues

I had a chance to run trivia one night at our local beloved watering hole, which meant choosing categories and coming up with questions. This was one of my categories: “the Devil made me do it”. 482 more words