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At the Crossroads of common literary decency with Acoustic Guitar Magazine

There is a common literary technique accompanied by a lesser-known phrase, known as the In medias res—a latin phrase for “in the middle of things.” 516 more words


Wow, am I easily derailed

It seems only like yesterday, I was pontificating, ruminating, cogitating, deliberating and prevaricating about wanting to write my book–complete with the breathless declaration that I had completed the first chapter. 309 more words

ROBERT JOHNSON - how many graves ?

I may be one of the very few who actually believes he lies buried in Quito, MS ~  in the cemetery plot area his step-brother owned .. 75 more words


I Must Be Dreaming (Part Two)

I wake up on the Greyhound, thinking of Sun
Pie’s pal Robert Johnson. What’s that song where he
wails about being buried near a highway… 1,758 more words


Rock Music Genres - The Blues - pt1 - Rural Mississippi.

The blues started off in the Deep South of America, in the rural regions of Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Alabama. The first recorded mention was by W.C. 614 more words


Dreams, Dads, and Devils

On a Sunday in November a few years ago, my father was alone in an apartment designed to help addicts get back on their feet–something similar to a halfway house, but with more independence, but I never went there to see him. 1,865 more words


Weird. I finished the introductory chapter

Not sure how I’m supposed to feel about this. Last night, under what felt like a complete lack of motivation, I finished the introductory chapter that defines the protagonist . 233 more words