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Brother Robert


I am delighted to share news of a project I’m helping out with, a memoir about growing up with Robert Johnson, by the last living soul who knew him well. 169 more words

Episode 1: Did Robert Johnson Sell His Soul to the Devil?

When I debated about where to start a music history podcast, I came to one conclusion: Any podcast talking about the history of American music has to start with Robert Johnson. 272 more words

Music History Podcast

Country Blues Basics Part 13: Me and the Devil Blues

Aside from a driving feel, monotonic bass can also give a simplistic drum like beat to your music. It can create space in a way that… 461 more words


This Month in Music History - August 16, 1938: Blues Legend Robert Johnson Dies

Legend has it there once w. as a blues guitar player who was so desperate to become famous that he met the devil at the crossroads to cut a bargain. 495 more words

Rock 'n' Roll

The significance of August 16 in Music.

August 16 is a date like any other date, except when it comes to music. Several events on this date have had a massive impact on the music industry. 886 more words


end of an era!

Hellride Music, Home of the Heavy, and the place of worship where a lot of trad doom metal bands made their name, cut their teeth, sold their records and had slap fights with the irritant infidels during the 00s and beyond, closed its doors today. It will be missed.

Doom Metal