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My Journey Through the Wheel of Time # 4

Finished it! Well the fourth book…not the series. Anyway, I finished the fourth book and I’m just glad that it improved as it went. If you read my last update, you might remember how Faile was starting to irk–to put it nicely–but it seems that she has turned over a new leaf and is finally starting to take things seriously. 462 more words


Book Review: The Shadow Rising - Robert Jordan

This is one of my favourite books in the Wheel of Time series. Or rather, there’s a specific passage in it that I absolutely love. Perrin writes a letter to Faile because he’s sending her away and it is just so poetic it gives me shivers and brings a tear to my eye every time! 470 more words

Book Review

The Winds of Fate: Lost on the Back Burner

Sometime in the hours before false dawn (when I usually pass out) while I was weaving my way through the first Conan story, The Phoenix on the Sword… 1,317 more words

Book Review: The Eye of the World - by Robert Jordan

In my quest to read the great fantasy novels I have arrived at one of the more epic series of our time, Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time… 1,026 more words

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The Wheel of Time Series - Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan, a pseudonym for James Oliver Rigney Jr. wrote an epic, which continued to grip the readers even posthumous. I went through the 15 parts, not necessarily written in the chronological order, but in the sequence of events – over a period of 10 months. 163 more words


Building The City

I spent the few days since my last post in a near-constant state of distraction, but not for any reason one might have known to look at me. 2,163 more words