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Multiple Universes in Doctor Who, The Wheel of Time, His Dark Materials, and Rick & Morty

Many science fiction and fantasy stories involve multiple universes.  The portrayal of these universes varies from story to story.  Some involve parallel universes that are completely different from our own, alternate dimensions with different types of beings, while others seem to appear very similar to ours.   2,844 more words

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Book Review: The Fires of Heaven

The Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

By the end of this book: Moiraine and Lanfear are dead; Siuan is stilled and deposed after a battle in the White Tower; Mat comes into himself as a military general mostly due to long dead men’s memories; Nyneave and Elayne are constantly in and out of various dangers as they attempt to locate the rebel Aes Sedai and then trap Moghedein; Rand kills Rahvin with balefire and thereby reversing the deaths of Mat, Aviendah and Asmodean. 99 more words

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Book Review: Winter's Heart by Robert Jordan

Winter’s Heart is the ninth book in the Wheel of Time series. In this book there’s a lot and nothing that happens at the same time. 321 more words

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A Fantasy Scrub vs. The Wheel of Time pt. 3

Wheel of Time Book 3: The Dragon Reborn, aka The McGuffin that glows, aka aka The Chosen One pisses everybody off, aka aka aka Perry lays some game. 636 more words

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Christopher Tolkien: The Collaboration

(yes forgive me I am writing about the Tolkiens YET again… )

Reading and watching Christopher Tolkien has made me wish I had or one day will have a son – and this is coming from someone who hates children and has always vowed that I would never have one. 1,758 more words


REVIEW: A Crown of Swords

BOOK: A Crown of Swords 
AUTHOR: Robert Jordan
PAGES: 880
PUBLISHER: Tor Fantasy
MY RATING: ★ ★ ★ ★ (4/5)

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass.

171 more words

Christopher Tolkien Speaks On Escapist Literature

An extremely interesting and brief interview that anyone who enjoys fantasy literature will find fascinating..