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“Knotai suddenly came riding back, holding to his hat. “Tuon!”
Why is it so hard for him to understand names? Selucia asked with a wiggle of her fingers. 59 more words

Fires Of Heaven

My Journey Through the Wheel of Time Series #3

So apparently the action that I was complaining about not being there in my last update past started happening like ten pages later. Everyone was all ready to disperse to the various tasks when suddenly, boom, battle. 376 more words


“Shadows from a returned sun dimmed the cavern mouth around him. Wind tugged at him, his foot warm with his own blood. I will not walk out of this pit alive, he thought. 144 more words

Fires Of Heaven

“He felt blood inside his boot. It had run down his side, down his leg, and when he moved his foot, he left a bloody footprint behind. 72 more words

Fires Of Heaven

Science Fiction Picks

This month I chose something that’s a little older to share.  One urban fantasy, and one high fantasy series.

Storm Front by Jim Butcher

Harry Dresden’s Yellow Pages ad reads: 317 more words


“Someone will need to guard the entry into the cave, my wife,” Thom said. “That ledge up there right beside the opening has an excellent view of the battlefield. 57 more words

Fires Of Heaven

Oh my gosh! I just found out and was super excited… There are Wheel of Time graphic novels, eeee!

I, as you might have guessed reading my blog, am a big… 200 more words

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