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En Route

There is no experience like that of a wonderful book. Books allow their readers to travel to places that may never be physically possible to travel to. 100 more words


534 Spindrift Way, Half Moon Bay, CA

Half Moon Bay is a great town to visit and I’m always happy when my work leads me there. The drive down Highway 1 from San Francisco includes beautiful views of the Pacific and waves crashing upon the beach. 132 more words

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The Wheel of Time, #1: The Eye of the World (BOOK REVIEW)

With the Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan set out to do something truly epic. Although he set out to write a six-book series, he would eventually write 11 books and a prequel before he passed away, with another author finishing the series’ last 3 installments. 514 more words

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Inside Jokes: What and When to Share

Recently, I went on vacation to sunny (warm) Florida with a good friend of mine, and as what happens during all road trips, inside jokes are made that only we get, let alone find funny. 711 more words


““Men!” Perrin yelled, looking toward the assembled soldiers. Arganda was consulting with Gallenne. They turned to Perrin, as did the nearby members of the Wolf Guard, along with Galad and his Whitecloaks. 180 more words

Fires Of Heaven

“The time for sorrows would, unfortunately, come. The Aes Sedai could not fight each battle. For now, however, Egwene was content to let the soldiers enjoy their victory, for it was the very best kind. 26 more words

Fires Of Heaven

the color of trust, part II

Give me your trust, said the king on high.
On my shoulders I support the sky.
Trust me to know and to do what is best, 185 more words