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449 Wellesley Ave., Mill Valley, CA

Another nice listing I photographed for Joshua Deitch of Coldwell Banker Real Estate. This contemporary updated 4 bedroom 3 bath home sits on a large level lot with seamless indoor-outdoor living ideal for family fun and entertaining. 90 more words

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Ten Books that Formed Me

The reason to read Blake and Dickinson and Freud and Dickens is not to become more cultivated or more articulate… The best reason to read them is to see if they may know you better than you know yourself.

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Drew's Wheel of Time Reread - The Dragon Reborn Part 3

Welcome back to Drew’s WoT Reread! Today I come to the realization that there is just plain a lot of Mat and Egwene in this book. 1,002 more words


18 Osborne Ct, Oakland, CA

I photographed this property for Rick Richetta of Alain Pinel Real Estate. This project includes daytime interior and exterior shots, twilight photos and aerial photos. 607 more words

Real Estate Photography

My Journey Reading the Wheel of Time Series (Spoilers)

Normally, I just write reviews of all of the books that I read. However, it gets a little tricky when it comes to series. Oftentimes, I find myself just repeating myself when I review the next book in a series, and since The Wheel of Time series in 14 book long, I can imagine my blog posts getting rather boring to read.

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Everybody outside the Two Rivers, and to a lesser extent Andor, was bloody insane. A man just had to be ready for that.

Fires Of Heaven

The Rahad had fought off every invasion so far. Light. Rand should have just hidden there, instead of going up to fight the Last Battle. The Trollocs and Darkfriends would have come for him, and the Rahad would have left them all unconscious in an alley, their pockets turned inside out and their shoes sold for soup money.

Fires Of Heaven