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What’s Wrong with Generation Y? Part 1: i-Celebrity

Written by Sal Pezzino

This is part one of a series of articles I plan to write, regarding the plight of millenials. Many people—including people our age—feel that we are the first of a “lost generation.” I find that ironic, especially when I hear it from members of a generation that was personified by hippies and counter-culture. 977 more words


Kanye West acceptance speech

Last night, Kanye West was given the BET Visionary honour. Yay!

Check out http://youtu.be/Ic1H5BPRsmc to see the inspirational acceptance speech, including an honour to his step father, Robert Kardashian. 22 more words

Kim Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian’s real father is OJ Simpson, according to Amber Rose.

So many time the question has been asked, “where did Khloe and Kim Kardashian het their asses from?” Some say they have Black women asses. Either that, or their asses are fake like Nicki Minaj’s. 155 more words


Rob Kardashian Is Fat And Proud

Rob Kardashian has a message for all the haters: I’m fat and I don’t care.

According to E! News, Rob posted a picture to his Instagram with a caption that read, “Last throwback of the day and yes I’m fat now…” followed by some expletives to the haters. 43 more words


LISA RINNA KNOWS EVERYONE... But, Who Doesn't Know FayeResnick?


JavaScript required to play LISA RINNA KNOWS EVERYONE… and Faye Resnick.

Robert Kardashian was SHOCKED when the OJ verdict was read… 118 more words


Supporting 'Charlie' and the Right to Satirize: Links You Need to See

After the display of inhumanity (a stupid word, really, for something really just describing a frightening human capacity for favoring ideology over human life) — by gunmen who broke into the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris and took the lives of 12, injuring many more — the whole day seemed underscored by the sickening notion, as we’d seen recently with the Sony Hacks, that comedic criticism is becoming more and more of a life-threatening undertaking. 441 more words


"I Thought I Would Have Kids & Still Be Married" Khloe Kardashian gets Candid in Cosmopolitan UK [Photos]

We all have our favorite, and she is mine.

Khloe Kardashian covers the February issue of Cosmpolitan UK magazine; giving pure Hollywood glamour-if I may add. 365 more words

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