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Red carpet looks: As Kardashians

“As pessoas vão odiar você, vão rotular você e vão quebrar você. Mas o quão forte você fica em pé é que mostra o quão forte você é.”

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On November 3 Kendall Jenner was born...

On November 3, 1995 Kendall Jenner was born. Besides appearing on her family’s reality TV show on E!, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” she has appeared in various fashion campaigns solidifying her modeling career. 173 more words

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O.J. Innocent? Blah, Blah, Blah! THAT Devastating Verdict...

We couldn’t believe it. Not guilty! I was sitting in a chair in the office, and I just bowed my head, said a prayer for Nicole, and cried my eyes out. 352 more words

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O.J. Simpson Contemplated Suicide in Kim Kardashian’s Bedroom?

Just days after the killing of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, O.J. Simpson considered committing suicide in Kim Kardashian’s bedroom, according to the author of a book on Simpson’s murder trial. 210 more words


O.J. Simpson Almost Killed Himself Where!?

Oh my. It’s been 21 years since O.J. Simpson’s famous 1995 murder trial, and yet new information continues to pour in about his past. New claims that the former NFL player once tried to kill himself in the childhood bedroom of  Kim Kardashian. 70 more words

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O.J. Simpson Almost Killed Himself In Kim Kardashian’s Childhood Bedroom Before Infamous Bronco Chase

The twentieth anniversary of the O.J. Simpson trial is drawing near, and new details surrounding the disgraced athlete and the moments before and after his iconic car case are now coming to light. 474 more words

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