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MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA (video game) review

Hey hey, everyone, sorry for the tardiness on my other reviews. I don’t play many video games, but when I do, I get hooked like a fish. 5,906 more words


The Bigger They Come Part 4 (Pacific Rim, 2013)

Guermillo Del Toro is a man of unique vision.  He always has his own take on traditional monsters.  In Cronos, he tackled vampires in a heartbreaking tale of a grandfather who finds a mysterious device.  262 more words

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Hot Pursuit


Assigned to protect the sexy widow of a drug kingpin, a straitlaced Texas police detective is forced to take flight with her precious cargo when an assortment of bad cops and ruthless hit men start closing in on the pair. 340 more words

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Orcfest - Warcraft: The Beginning (2016)

Eh.  So based on the sensational online gaming phenomenon, we finally have a World of Warcraft movie.  Orcs come to a human occupied planet because there previous home was dying, but humans aren’t about to roll over and hand their world over on a silver platter.   454 more words


Warcraft - The Battle Between Orcs and Human Is EPIC

Let me start with a confession: I am not a gamer and when I initially heard about a film being based on yet another game, I mentally added it to the list of “Don’t Bother”. 381 more words

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Warcraft Movie Tickets Advanced Booking Online

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Warcraft Movie Tickets
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WarCraft (Film Review)

Directed by Duncan Jones and based on the bestselling video game series from Blizzard Entertainment, WarCraft is the action fantasy movie that tells the story of the beginning of the war between the Humans of Azeroth and the Orcish Horde.   697 more words

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