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How the Draft Reshaped America

Women burning the draft cards of their husbands and sons during an anti-war protest in 1968.
“‘Greeting: You are hereby ordered for induction in the Armed Forces of the United States.’ In 1967, more than 300,000 American men opened envelopes with this statement inside. 187 more words

Vietnam War

This isn't the Sixties, is it?

I know, I know, I’ve been away far too long. I didn’t exactly plan on my absence from this portal being this duration. Life and a few other mishaps got in the way since the end of last year. 1,143 more words

Joe Fournet

Film Ramblings: HOFFA(1992) Dig Him Up for Another Look

I love Danny DeVito’s Hoffa. Whatever liberties the filmmakers might have taken with the man’s life will not cause an engine to seize or bust a couple of axles on an interstate haul, so we won’t worry over such details in this essay. 1,289 more words


Eugene McCarthy presidential campaign, 1968

“The Eugene McCarthy presidential campaign of 1968 was launched by Senator Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota in the latter part of 1967 to vie for the… 225 more words

Vietnam War

Miami and the Siege of Chicago - Norman Mailer (1968)

“Some 40 years ago, the cumulatively unbearable stresses of war in Vietnam, a revolution in civil rights and a series of unexpected, bug-eyed cultural uprisings sent America into a psychological meltdown. 219 more words


Ole Miss riot of 1962

Meredith, center with briefcase, is escorted to the University of Mississippi campus by U.S.
“The Ole Miss riot of 1962, or Battle of Oxford, was fought between Southern… 335 more words