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The Esoteric Alphabet - Introduction part 11

In the beginning


One of the first things we begin to learn after we are born is what different sounds mean. As we grow, we become cognisant of words before we can form them ourselves. 785 more words

The Esoteric Alphabet - Introduction part 10

  • RFK. Sirhan Sirhan means ‘wandering wolf’, the beast that is said to swallow the moon or the sun during an eclipse – when the head is removed.
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The Esoteric Alphabet - Introduction part 9

One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words’.  – ‘One’ is the Darkness Invisible’s most used secret name. During this address, this was a trigger for those with ears to hear that something of significance was about to be imparted and that the words were going to say something completely at odds with what they appeared to be. 664 more words


“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

– Robert Kennedy


The nature of the collection and the Kennedys

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One of the most influential foundations of archival practice that I learned early on in my education is the idea of “original order.” Original order is based on the idea that throughout the course of a person’s daily life, their records (and in this case, photographs), acquire an organization, or “order” from which researchers, historians and archivists can derive meaning and insight. 932 more words

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