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Mac Gayden - The Glory of The Nashville Cat! (Christmas Cracker 1)

While you’re getting on with your everyday life the world keeps on turning. Day becomes night and Spring ripens into Summer before Autumn leaves fall heralding the coming of Winter. 1,225 more words


Great writing rare, not so hard to achieve, urges @plain_language

Here is an annual story I always enjoy: the award for plainness in writing emanating from the federal government.

Thanks to the Center for Plain Language… 412 more words

Change Of Venue

The Love Affair - Everlasting Love (1968)

This is one of the best records ever made.

One could argue that this was “manufactured” in a manner that anticipates the fodder of the X-Factor but the times were different,  the incentives complex, and the quality of the confection? 194 more words

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False Dichotomies: “Homeschooled Girls vs. Feminists”

Samantha Field blogs at Defeating the Dragons. This piece was originally published on her own blog on December 18, 2013, and is reprinted with her permission. 1,310 more words


Ian Levine: The Northern Soul Men.

Ian Levine has extensive music credentials. His D.J. residency at the Blackpool Mecca, a Northern Soul temple in the Seventies, involved musical archeology & devotion to excavate the rare, forgotten grooves which became dancers’ favourites a decade after they were recorded. 838 more words


Letter to the Washington Times Weekly

Concerning Robert Knight’s ‘Living in the devil of a time; A progress report from the CEO of sin and evil’ (July 1, 2013); it is an excellent review of America’s affliction from not heeding our Founder’s warning, and the consequences of calamity.   211 more words

A Culture of Lying

The following is excerpted from “The Allure of the Lie” by Robert Knight.  It’s worthy of your read.

We are hip-deep in a culture of lying. 466 more words

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