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FlinterFile: Love Affair- Everlasting Love

In 1968, the band The Love Affair recorded the song Everlasting Love. 81 more words


Mind Reading Device

According to the latest reports, we will soon have “mind reaching machines” that will finally allow us to “eavesdrop” on the voices in your head and turn your… 816 more words


Police Blame ‘ACLU Effect’ for Increase in Gun Violence

Drown the police in paperwork if they make a street stop, and what do you get? Fewer stops and more violent crime, including a near doubling of the murder rate. 125 more words


Mac Gayden - The Glory of The Nashville Cat! (Christmas Cracker 1)

While you’re getting on with your everyday life the world keeps on turning. Day becomes night and Spring ripens into Summer before Autumn leaves fall heralding the coming of Winter. 1,225 more words