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Torch. O and Other News

-Comedian Daniel Tosh puts a torch to the Patriots legacy(youtube.com)

-Who is Redskins QB Robert Griffin III’s trainer?(deadspin.com)

-HOFer Warren Sapp is now an amateur filmmaker( 23 more words

Other News

Daniel Tosh With The Patriots/Super Bowl Troll Job Of The Year

Trollolololol. Solid troll job by Daniel Tosh here, riding in on his high horse, handing out life lessons about cheating and legacies. If you compare Brady to a Trent Dilfer with hair plugs.. 51 more words

Tosh.0 Goes on Venomous Rant About the Patriots

Daniel Tosh, in a rant that’s about two weeks late, went in hard on the Patriots in his season premiere on Wednesday. The segment didn’t break new ground in the Ballghazi scandal or anything, but if you already hate the Pats then it might be amusing to hear the comedian call Robert Kraft a cradle robbing owner and says that the reason the team won’t face material repercussions because of his weekly slumber party with Goodell. 7 more words

New England Patriots

Hey, remember #DeflateGate?

Last month no one could shut up about the New England Patriots’ deflated balls. It was the lead story on every national news outlet. Like, the first story, the most important (you know..more important than ISIS). 648 more words

Will Revis restructure in New England?

Many questions have began to circulate around Darrelle Revis. With 32 Million due up in march, most of us Patriots faithful know one thing; There’s no way Kraft and BB are throwing down those bones. 84 more words


Learning the Belichick Way

One overlooked storyline during the run-up to the Super Bowl was that of Patriots offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo and his unit.

DeGuglielmo (pronounced day-ghoul-YELL-mo… 2,230 more words

New England Patriots

Is This Another Robert Kraft & Roger Goodell "Conflict of Interest?"

Bob Kraft (blue jacket, red pocket square), the owner of the Patriots, and Roger Goodell (NFL Commish, in the middle) are famously tight. Worst kept secret in the NFL. 290 more words