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887, Edinburgh International Conference Centred

887 is written, designed, directed and performed by Robert Lepage. Lepage is often described as a visionary director and playwright; It would seem he is one of theatre’s best people. 492 more words

887 - Robert Lepage

Okay,, so,, this play was part of the actual,, national Edinburgh Theatre Festival. I’m going to keep this short as it was so amazing I generally don’t feel worthy of writing a review of it. 170 more words


Edinburgh Theater Review: Robert Lepage's '887'

Fans of Robert Lepage have come to expect certain things from the French-Canadian theater maker: seductive storytelling, wry character observation and a stagecraft that lies somewhere between technical innovation and magic. 603 more words


Robert Cushman: Robert Lepage’s autobiographical 887 is a wonderful reflection on memory

Robert Lepage describes his new show 887 as a “dive into the waters of my past.” So this production, a contribution to the Pan Am Games’ Panamania, might be said to fit in with the major preoccupations of this festival’s theatrical component: autobiography and water. 907 more words

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"Needles and Opium" Creates a Spectacular Journey

In a haunting encounter with the infinite void, Robert Lepage’s masterpiece pierces the skin of the psyche. Needles and Opium opens Canada’s Magnetic North Theatre Festival providing a hypnotizing entry into the extraordinary potentials of festival theatre. 504 more words


Theatre review: Robert Lepage's Les Aiguilles et l'opium remains a serious addiction

Robert Lepage was recovering from a breakup when he conceived Les Aiguilles et l’opium in 1991. He named the heartbroken main character after himself and performed the show solo in Quebec City. 671 more words

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What is theatre? I’m sure the answer is different for everyone. Whether it’s therapeutic, a means of entertainment, escapism, or a tool to addressing social and political ills, a hobby, a passion… we’ve all had an experience of theatre in some form or other. 60 more words