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Robert Cushman: Robert Lepage’s autobiographical 887 is a wonderful reflection on memory

Robert Lepage describes his new show 887 as a “dive into the waters of my past.” So this production, a contribution to the Pan Am Games’ Panamania, might be said to fit in with the major preoccupations of this festival’s theatrical component: autobiography and water. 907 more words

On Stage

"Needles and Opium" Creates a Spectacular Journey

In a haunting encounter with the infinite void, Robert Lepage’s masterpiece pierces the skin of the psyche. Needles and Opium opens Canada’s Magnetic North Theatre Festival providing a hypnotizing entry into the extraordinary potentials of festival theatre. 504 more words


Theatre review: Robert Lepage's Les Aiguilles et l'opium remains a serious addiction

Robert Lepage was recovering from a breakup when he conceived Les Aiguilles et l’opium in 1991. He named the heartbroken main character after himself and performed the show solo in Quebec City. 671 more words



What is theatre? I’m sure the answer is different for everyone. Whether it’s therapeutic, a means of entertainment, escapism, or a tool to addressing social and political ills, a hobby, a passion… we’ve all had an experience of theatre in some form or other. 60 more words

Theatre review: Needles and Opium delightfully playful

Needles and Opium

An Ex Machina production (co-presentation of NAC English Theatre, Le Théatre Français du CNA and Magnetic North Theatre Festival)

Reviewed Thursday (preview performance) 656 more words

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Robert Lepage's Needles and Opium mixes technical wizardry with heartbreak

Revisiting his earlier works isn’t Robert Lepage’s preferred pastime. But it’s what the renowned Quebec playwright/actor/film and stage director wound up doing with Needles and Opium, a major re-crafting of his 1991 show of the same name about American jazz great Miles Davis, French writer and filmmaker Jean Cocteau, and a fictional Quebecois actor simply named Robert. 913 more words

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Montrealer sets world record for furthest flight by a hoverboard

WATCH: A Montreal man has not only developed a functioning hoverboard, he’s flown it into the record books. Mike Armstrong has the story.

MONTREAL – Travelling the country’s lakes and rivers in a canoe is an iconic Canadian pastime but Alexandru Duru just might change all that with his new Guinness World Record-breaking hovercraft. 530 more words