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POETRY: The Holy Innocents, by Robert Lowell

Listen, the hay-bells tinkle as the cart
Wavers on rubber tires along the tar
And cindered ice below the burlap mill
And ale-wife run. The oxen drool and start… 123 more words


Robert Lowell-
“ In the end, there
is no end”….in the end you must continue to set goals, it’s a world without end; life is a continuum, so don’t place limits on your abilites, live a life of projects, being consistently active is fulfilling; the fact that one didn’t end well, is not an indication that the next would go the same disappointing way; as long as you are still breathing, keep dreaming and keep seeking. 15 more words


Bishop to Lowell: "Please, please don’t talk about old age so much, my dear old friend! You are giving me the creeps."

Finding Wisdom in the Letters of Aging Writers: The epistolary collections of authors such as Samuel Beckett, Saul Bellow, and Elizabeth Bishop suggest that old-fashioned communication can offer invaluable insight into the process of growing older. 100 more words

An Aquarium in Paris, The Ploughshares Blog

Inspired and terrified by the legacy of Paris’s 1931 Colonial Exposition, I wrote a blog post on the real and literary capacities of the aquarium.  My visit to the Palias Porte Dorée and the work of Haruki Murakami, Dunya Mikhail, Julio Cortázar, and Robert Lowell.  Read it here. 


Man and Wife

All night I’ve held your hand,
as if you had
a fourth time faced the kingdom of the mad—
its hackneyed speech, its homicidal eye— 78 more words


An Interview with Poet Amy Newman

If Amy Newman’s On This Day in Poetry History is topping your must-read list, you’re certainly not alone.  Poetry lovers here at EPL have been clamoring for a copy since the summer, and demand for her follow-up to… 1,987 more words


Interview with a Poet

Pop poetry is news. Today we interview poet Bruce Dale Wise, who isn’t specifically a pop poet– though he tells us he’s been writing pop poems, as well as other forms, for years. 697 more words