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Robert Lowell and confessional poetry (Lost Puritan)

Soon Lowell walked in with several other dons, was introduced, and read. Afterwards, the don who’d introduced asked if there were any questions and, when no one raised their hand, Waters asked Lowell about his confessional poems.

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At The Fishhouses

painting by Elizabeth Bishop

At the Fishhouses

To the Editor:

I wonder what was in David Orr’s mind when he decided to close his column about Ben Lerner’s…

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Waking in the Blue by Robert Lowell

The night attendant, a B.U. sophomore,
rouses from the mare’s-nest of his drowsy head
propped on The Meaning of Meaning.
He catwalks down our corridor.
Azure day
makes my agonized blue window bleaker. 442 more words

McLean Hospital, Belmont, MA

(Image above: McLean’s first snack bar)

While the hospital in Femina Shakes’ Hamlet is of our own creation, it is useful to pull from what examples we have at hand, and we happen to have one example very close at hand.   533 more words

Imprints: Robert Lowell

Robert Lowell’s poem: Will Not Come Back

Spinning in Lowell’s firewords.

Brief love above all the rest.


Night of Plight

In September’s chambers
Where I stretch out
Cry out
Choke on life’s droplets
Feel the stabs across my chest
Of unquiet love burned down to sorrow’s howl… 96 more words


Home After Three Months Away - Robert Lowell

Home After Three Months Away

Gone now the baby’s nurse,
a lioness who ruled the roost
and made the Mother cry.
She used to tie… 510 more words

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