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Elena Ferrante (2016) Frantumaglia. A Writer’s Journey.

Elena Ferrante (2016) Frantumaglia. A Writer’s Journey.

All writers are historians. Subject and object. Subjecting what we know with what other people know. In other words, we read to write. 812 more words

Quote for Today: Robert M. Pirsig

That sounded right, and the more he thought about it the more right it sounded. Schools teach you to imitate. If you don’t imitate what the teacher wants you get a bad grade. 89 more words

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Travelling vs Arriving

Iš legendinės knygos “Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, kurią dabar skaitau. Nors, kaip pats autorius rašo, knyga nelabai turi ką bendro su motociklais (jis pasirinktas tik kaip simbolis, kuriuo galėjo būti ir koks nors kitas objektas), tačiau viena iš siužeto linijų būtent ir pasakoja apie tėvo ir sūnaus kelionę per šiaurines Amerikos valstijas. 9 more words


Zion-Mount Carmel Highway Panorama

Zion-Mount Carmel Highway Panorama (Zion National Park, September 15, 2016) — Image by kenne

To live for some future goal is shallow.
It’s the sides of the mountain that sustain life, not the top.

— Robert M. Pirsig


Author Birthdays - September, round 2

Richard Wright (b. September 4, 1908, Roxie, MS; d. November 28, 1960, Paris, France)

“Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread.” Find more quotes  234 more words
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The Scientific Method

If you encounter a really difficult problem and have used every inductive and deductive technique at your disposal to discover the answer to the problem but to no avail, the only recourse is to use the scientific method. 901 more words

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