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So I’m sitting here reading peer reviewed papers in a bid to understand Nigam, Srivastava and Banwet’s (2018) review on behavioural finance. This is my second read of their review and like a maze I keep having to download papers they have referenced so I can better understand the points they advance. 185 more words


默頓 (Robert Merton) - unintended consequences

“The distinctive intellectual contributions of the sociologist are found primarily in the study of unintended consequences of social practices as well as in the study of anticipated consequences.” 一句出自社會學家 羅伯特.默頓 (Robert Merton)著作-Social Theory and Social Structure(1949)。「意外後果」(unintended consequences)這概念早由 默頓於1936年普及,其在後著中更用以解釋社會行動同時具有動機導向的「顯性功能」(manifest function),及社會學家所能看見、客觀-甚至與動機相違-的「隱性功能」(latent function)。



The Art & Science of Successful Investing

As I described in my book, How I Managed $20,000,000,000.00 by Age 32, I believe successful investing is achieved by integrating aspects of both art and science. 1,749 more words


Predictions – A Fool’s Errand

Making bold predictions is a fool’s errand. I think Yogi Berra summed it up best when he spoke about the challenges of making predictions:

“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”

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