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When genius failed ...

Two days ago, we wrote a post referring to an article titled, “The world’s smartest investors have failed …

There are numerous instances when the experts, the smartest in their respective fields, the best in the business, the genius have failed. 135 more words


Expect the Unexpected.

Change and innovation lead to un-foreseen effects.  Caller ID allows people to tell whether they are being called by someone they know or by some unknown person.  720 more words

American Society

Robert Merton On The Importance Of Knowledge For Analyzing Social Actions

In ‘The Unanticipated Consequences of Purposive Social Action” (American Sociological Review, Vol. 1, No. 6 (Dec., 1936), pp. 894-904) Robert Merton writes:

The most obvious limitation to a correct anticipation of consequences of action is provided by the existing state of knowledge. 482 more words


Look For Judgement

About a week back I was pitched an algo trading scheme that was offering a mostly 12%+ return monthly. There were the past performance figures, with even the odd slip-up. 168 more words


The Value of Academic Freedom

A little while ago, a paper emerged from the interwebs titled, “Overflow in science and its implications for trust“. As its parsimonious title suggests, the paper concerns itself with the over-production of scientific research publications (“overflow”) and the implications of this speed of productivity for trust between scientists.  1,273 more words

Higher Education

Revolutie en sociologie

Themanummer Sociologie Magazine: Revolutionair. ‘Hoe-het-beste-te-leven-doctrines’ verschenen als Redactioneel in: Sociologie Magazine nr. September 2015:  p.2.

Revolutionairen wentelen een staat om. Ze keren een gebied binnenstebuiten. En vermoedelijk keren ze ook wel eens hun was binnenstebuiten, moet ik hier toch meteen aan toevoegen, want revolutionairen lijden nogal eens aan een gebrek aan zelfrelativering en humor. 313 more words


Are you an Insider or an outsider?

Do you have to be an American to write about America, or a Black person to write about African American issues? Or a Christian to write about Christianity? 1,066 more words