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What is Wrong with Income Inequality? Five Reasons to be Concerned

I sometimes part ways with many of my libertarian and classical liberal friends in that I do have some amount of tentative concern for income/wealth inequality (for the purposes of this article, the otherwise important… 2,084 more words


Liberal political theory at its best

Justice as Fairness: A Restatement by John Rawls
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Justice as Fairness was released in the final years of Rawls’ life and gives an updated statement of his ideas laid out in A Theory of Justice and other writings. 205 more words

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Robert Nozick (1938–2002)

20.yy’ın son döneminin en etkili siyaset felsefecilerindendi. Özellikle muhafazakarlar ve liberaller üzerinde etkili oldu. Başlarda kendisini bir sosyalist olarak tanımlıyordu. Columbia Üniversitesi’ndeki “Demokratik Toplum” isimli radikal öğrenci grubuna yardımcı oluyordu. 215 more words


Right-of-Way: the Grand Compromise Necessary in Western Thought

Jesus said, “He who is greatest among you must be servant of all.” Did he really mean what you think he meant?

When I was a kid I used to watch Star Trek like some people would go to church. 2,750 more words


Some afterthoughts on Rio Paralympics

Paralympics are over, and with them the cycle of Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Once again the city was able to put up a good show, and thankfully all went well in the Cidade Maravilhosa. 964 more words

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E19 - Rawls and Nozick

The last episode, in which we deal with the two intellectual giants of the 20th century – John Rawls and Robert Nozick.