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Anarchy, State, and Utopia: Critical Exposition

Below is an extract (the first section of Chapter 2) of Ralf Bader’s most excellent and crisp Robert Nozick (pp. 10-14).

Famously, Nozick begins his book… 1,233 more words

Political Philosophy


The political notion of which is to decide who gets what, when, where or how much.

We have two ways of conceiving Justice ; firstly as the Procedural Justice (close to Individualism) and Secondly, as the Social Justice (Close to Communitarianism). 423 more words

Political Science

Is reality a simulation? Some preliminary thoughts

The world has become captivated by the idea that we may be living in some sort of ‘matrix’, ever since the fact that Elon Musk believed this to be the case became a popular meme. 2,258 more words


The most charitable interpretation presents only one facet of something’s nature.

– Nozick, The Nature of Rationality, p. 158

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How Many Concepts of Preference Are There?

It has been recently suggested to me that there might be a difference between the philosophical concept “preference” and social science concept “preference”. Since I am working in philosophy of the social science, getting such a distinction clear would be important for me. 621 more words


The Experience Machine

I had originally planned to refer to a textbook reading that I use for a class of mine in order to supplement this submission, but I must go where there is wi-fi, and the Muse has now struck, yet I am without the textbook (and there is, for once, a really cute girl in the coffee shop, and I want to indulge the fantasy that I will meet the woman of my dreams in a coffee shop, though I have not had the best success approaching women in coffee shops). 812 more words