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Why protect speech?

The U.S. Supreme Court has extended more protection for speech than other major courts that adjudicate rights, such as the European Court of Human of Rights. 1,647 more words


Taxes And Theft

Perhaps you’ve heard it said that taxes are theft. We work hard for our income, and the government just comes right in and takes the money that  1,192 more words

Social Criticism

Law on the market: a debate

I’ve been reading through a great debate of sorts, first encountered in a C4SS anthology. I’m sharing it here, as it’s not everyday that one encounters a semi-live issue getting hashed out by giants in the field. 448 more words

Political Thought

Bang to Rights! A Review of Loaded: A Disarming History of the Second Amendment by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

In March 2018, hundreds of thousands marched against the proliferation of guns in the USA[i], following outrage against yet another school shooting, this time in Florida.  2,071 more words

"Why Do Intellectuals Oppose Capitalism?" Interrogating Robert Nozick 20 years later.

The late philosopher Robert Nozick wrote “Why Do Intellectuals Oppose Capitalism?” for the Cato Institute, which published the essay in 1998. The intellectuals he has in mind are so-called wordsmiths: “those who, in their vocation, deal with ideas as expressed in words, shaping the word flow others receive.” Nozick claims this does not hold for numbersmiths – “those who primarily produce and transmit quantitatively or mathematically formulated information” – or for artists and their enablers – “those working in visual media, painters, sculptors, cameramen.” Before I move forward, I want to fact check those claims. 2,007 more words

Essay: Beggar-thy-Unfortunate – Libertarianism's Historical Bias Against the Unlucky

Written by R. Kumaran, Illustrated by June Ming


In this essay, I will make the case that Robert Nozick’s historical account of Distributive Justice is insufficient as it would marginalise those that have been at the receiving end of unjust distributions solely due to their natural bad luck. 1,987 more words