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Pokemon Go, Augmented Reality and the Future of Technology

In 1974, the philosopher Robert Nozick came up with the idea of an ‘experience machine’, a thought experiment which involved the following situation:

Suppose there was an experience machine that would give you any experience you desired.

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Work and Philosophy: John Locke, pt. 3

Work and Philosophy: John Locke, pt. 3

When any one, or more, shall take upon them to make laws, whom the people have not appointed so to do, they make laws without authority, which the people are not therefore bound to obey; by which means they come again to be out of subjection, and may constitute to themselves a new legislative, as they think best, being in full liberty to resist the force of those, who without authority would impose any thing upon them. 2,118 more words


The Experience Machine: Is It Worth It?

Hedonism is the notion of pleasure being the highest intrinsic good, and that it should be strived to be achieved. There has been refutations to this, as there are those who believe against this concept. 717 more words


"A Moral Idiot": Rand Paul Compared Taxation To Slavery And Betrayed The Emptiness Of His Political Philosophy

Rand Paul brought some libertarian philosophy into the Republican presidential primary this week, in the form of the old “taxation is slavery” bumper sticker. He even indexed it to a handy percentage scale! 712 more words

Rand Paul

Why Do Intellectuals Oppose Capitalism?

Still on Nozick and perhaps somewhat of a companion piece to Williams’ essay On Hating and Despising Philosophy. Though this Nozick essay is very well-known engagement with it tends to be primarily in the service of ideological cherry-pickers or scornful silence from its targets.  3,445 more words