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Why Do Intellectuals Oppose Capitalism?

Still on Nozick and perhaps somewhat of a companion piece to Williams’ essay On Hating and Despising Philosophy. Though this Nozick essay is very well-known engagement with it tends to be primarily in the service of ideological cherry-pickers or scornful silence from its targets.  3,445 more words


TNR continues swirl down the Chait chute

Though well known beauty Jonathan Chait no longer works at TrapNeuterRelease magazine, the current editors continue with his obsessive compulsion to write flawed articles critical of libertarianism. 546 more words

Gary Johnson

Has Libertarianism Failed?

In a four-part series I presented the current state of the U.S. economy. Overall, things look relatively good here: growth is moderately good, private consumption is moderately healthy, business investments are stabilizing at a good rate and government consumption and investment spending is under control. 691 more words

Nozick's Room: Steven Universe Meets The Experience Machine

Is it possible that the episode “Rose’s Room” of Steven Universe may be able to help us determine what it is that we find worth living for? 1,788 more words

Analysis Is Magic

What Happens to Human Rights in the Experience Machine?


Nozick’s “experience machine” is a widely used thought experiment, intended to corroborate many different and often counterintuitive conclusions. But as far as I know, it hasn’t been used to try and understand what such a machine would do to our human rights. 569 more words

Human Rights

Does Self-Expression Equal Creativity?

Krista from the Daily Post titled this week’s photo challenge “Express Yourself.”

Self-expression comes in a number of ways: expressing one’s feelings (emotional self-expression); expressing our creative impulses through writing, painting, sculpting, photographing, knitting, dancing, or skate-boarding (artistic self-expression); expressing our thoughts (intellectual self-expression), expressing our connection with Nature and the Divine (spiritual self-expression). 607 more words

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