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Key Texts: Allen Buchanan, "Distributive Justice and Legitimate Expectations."

In this article, Allen Buchanan offers a provocative critique of Rawls’ difference principle (DP), according to which social and economic inequalities ought to be arranged so as to benefit the worst off. 769 more words

Political Philosophy

Two Tuesday Quotes: Rawls and Nozick

Yes, I know it’s Wednesday but it occurred to me late last night how much I missed doing this. Now that I’m reading more often the exposure to thinkers, and their quotes, has been expanded. 1,033 more words


Pokemon Go, Augmented Reality and the Future of Technology

In 1974, the philosopher Robert Nozick came up with the idea of an ‘experience machine’, a thought experiment which involved the following situation:

Suppose there was an experience machine that would give you any experience you desired.

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The Experience Machine: Is It Worth It?

Hedonism is the notion of pleasure being the highest intrinsic good, and that it should be strived to be achieved. There has been refutations to this, as there are those who believe against this concept. 717 more words