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Calvin's Multi-faceted Atonement (TGC)

If there’s one thing anybody knows about Calvin’s doctrine of salvation it’s that he taught the doctrine of double-predestination. If people venture beyond that, according to the popular picture of 20th-century theology, Calvin is basically the creative chap who invented penal substitutionary atonement as a variation on Anselm’s theme, and most of his thought was concerned with Christ satisfying the wrath of God. 248 more words


Only the Ball Was White: A Review

Back when I was working on my PhD in history the big book that was causing a stir was Time on the Cross, a book that was hugely controversial and was  supposed to use new statistical methods, later called “cliometrics” (Clio was the Greek Muse of history), to revolutionize how we viewed the institution of slavery. 423 more words


Book Plunge: Two Views of Hell

What did I think of Fudge and Peterson’s book published by IVP? Let’s plunge into the Deeper Waters and find out!

My wife got me this book as a Christmas gift just going through my Amazon wish list I suppose. 1,452 more words


Book Review: "Salvation Applied by the Spirit" by Robert Peterson

Robert Peterson’s Salvation Applied by the Spirit is an exhaustive look at the notion that the work of the Holy Spirit is bringing about union with Christ. 742 more words


The Greatness of God’s Grace

All for Jesus
Robert A. Peterson

Notice that this love is not merely unmerited favor; it is favor against merit.  We deserve divine wrath and receive divine mercy.

Scot McKnight and Robert Paterson on the Saving Significance of Christ's Death in Acts (an Artificial Conversation)

I like to maintain the habit of reading multiple books simultaneous. An interesting thing that happens occasionally is when two or more books happen to ‘interact’ over an idea as I read these books in conjunction. 812 more words