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Why You Have to Focus on Owning Property Right Now

If you want to buy a place to live, now is a great time to get serious about jumping into the market.

Republicans are busy working on proposals that will limit funds for the… 654 more words


Sexgate: 8 men in liberal MSM lose jobs because of sexual misconduct

When the New York Times, for whatever reasons of their own, outed Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein as a sexual assaulter/rapist although the Times had known about the brute for years, the floodgates were opened to a deluge of accusations against other denizens of Hollywood. 637 more words


WTF is sexual harassment

It pains me to have to write this, but write it I must as the past week’s events have shown there are surprisingly many people in Silicon Valley who wouldn’t know what sexual harassment was if it slapped them on the behind without permission. 1,517 more words


Robert Scoble has allegedly continued to sexually harass women after going sober

Venture capitalists Dave McClure, Justin Caldbeck and Chris Sacca, SoFi CEO Mike Cagney and a top Uber engineer have all been accused of sexual impropriety in the last six months as a growing number of women have come forward about the harassment they have endured by those in power in the tech industry. 711 more words


Hugh Hefner 'Loved Life and Loved What He Did,' Says Carmen Electra

Hugh Hefner lived life to the fullest — and gave others a chance to do the same, according to one-time Playboy cover girl Carmen Electra. 737 more words


A young patient is moved to tears over this surprise visit from a country star 

We are continually amazed at the generosity, kindness and compassion of country artists, whether they are newbies just getting their feet wet in the format, or established big leaguers headlining arenas and stadiums. 250 more words


Book Review: The Fourth Transformation by Robert Scoble & Shel Israel

Words are confusing. Between pleonasms, epizeuxis, and tautology it is a marvel we accomplish as much as we do as a species. This very same confusion must be what led Robert Scoble to diagnose himself as a futurist when, I’m fairly certain, he meant enthusiast. 393 more words

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