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The first man-made global warming deniers -- Scott and Shackleton?

Those in the man-made global warming camp have repeatedly tried to slag those who don’t agree with them as deniers, equating them with people who deny the Jewish holocaust. 812 more words


Family faces another tragedy

Family of murdered Leeton teacher, Stephanie Scott has been dealt another tragic blow. Her father, and a retired teacher, Robert “Bob” Scott, 59, has been killed in a tragic accident, when  323 more words

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The CLEAN - " Getaway " Reissue 15th Anniversary

Originally released in August of 2001, the double-LP reissue will mark Getaway’s first appearance on vinyl and it includes an 18-song bonus CD that compiles the hard-to-find, tour-only releases of… 203 more words


Vaccines Could be Causing These Serious Conditions

Source: iHealthTube
April 18, 2016

Could vaccines be one of the causes behind two increasingly common and deadly diseases? Robert Scott Bell discusses the potential connection and what vaccines actually could be doing that might lead to serious problems. 11 more words


This is the Key to All Healing

Source: iHealthTube
March 1, 2016

Robert Scott Bell shares what he calls the key to all healing. He discusses supporting this organ and what role detoxification plays. 31 more words


100 years — Amundsen's dash to immortality

Published in The Hindu on December 14, 2011

This day (December 14) 100 years ago, Norwegian Roald Amundsen became the first explorer to reach the geographical South Pole — the southernmost tip of the Earth. 506 more words

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Expedition: TERRA NOVA

“Message to the Public. The causes of the disaster are these.”

So begins the play Terra Nova by Ted Tally, who actually took the ominous words from Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott, whose expedition to the South Pole is actually what the play is based on. 424 more words