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Linklater Discovers Digital: Tape (2001)

I’ve always been fond of this little-seen Linklater B-side. A bunch of characters talking in a room for 90 minutes could be the synopsis for any number of Linklater’s movies yet Tape is unquestionably the darkest and most sinister to earn that description. 418 more words


Oh My NYC! : or How I Spent my Birthday in the Big Apple, Part 1

My birthday was Friday and I had agonized for weeks about taking a trip. I knew I wanted to get out-of-town but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money since I’m hoping to move in the next month or so. 563 more words


Killer: A Journal of Murder

This true story is based on and about  the  inmate, known as 31614.

A story of institutionalisation through the characterisation of guards and criminals.

It follows a jewish young man, entering the cruel profession of  a prison guard and takes an  interest in an inmate , who is often beaten. 73 more words


Off Broadway Review: John Patrick Shanley's 'Prodigal Son'

John Patrick Shanley’s new play, “Prodigal Son,” lavishes an inordinate amount of attention on a sensitive 15-year-old working-class kid bearing a striking resemblance to the playwright, who says as much in a program note. 556 more words


Richard Linklater boldly experimented with Tape, to mixed results

Richard Linklater is one of the few American directors currently working who defies auteur theory. Refusing to make the same time and time again, Linklater’s extended filmography includes a romantic trilogy ( 586 more words


TAPE (2001) USA

For a film that takes place all in real time, “tape” is very much about time. On the surface it  plays out like an old suspenseful episode of the Twilight Zone. 293 more words


Films 89 & 90 | Dead Poets Society & Legend

Dead Poets Society

Peter Weir’s film about the impact of an unorthodox and inspirational teacher at a strict, middle-class boarding school in the 1950’s.

Robin Williams is that teacher, Mr. 385 more words