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Flash Movie Review: Moonwalkers

I was a window washer, a singer, a soldier, a mayor, an explorer and a spaceman. My imagination knew no boundaries when I pretended to be someone else. 471 more words


Movie Review: The Road Within

I’d give anything to be free from this, but it doesn’t stop, and it’s not my fault.

The Road Within is about three patients at a clinic who embark on a journey to the ocean after running away from their clinic.

195 more words

Moonwalkers (2016) Review - Low Orbit Comedy Fails To Takeoff

The space race was a real thing. It pitted two superpower countries in an aerospace competition to put a man on the moon and bring him back safely. 1,007 more words


Review: Moonwalkers, 2016, dir. Antoine Bardou-Jacquet

“Ron Perlman’s performance in Antoine Bardou-Jacquet’s Moonwalkers is the film’s best recommendation. It is also the only recommendation, for the most part, because for all of the great violence on display, there’s not a whole lot hanging the production together. 82 more words



 Greetings again from the darkness. Provided you don’t subscribe to a particular conspiracy theory, it can be ripe for comedy. So unless you are one who believes Apollo 11 did not succeed, and neither Neil Armstrong nor Buzz Aldrin set foot on the moon’s surface that historic day in 1969, you will probably find this wacky farce worthy of a few laughs. 421 more words