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Demons Never Die

8 students make a pact to end their lives together in this British slasher film starring Robert Sheehan, Ashley Walters, Reggie Yates, Emma Rigby and Jenny Jacques. 152 more words




So this is the first post, a little awkward. Why not tell you a little bit about myself in the best way possible, through some pictures. 454 more words

Griffith College Dublin

Style Gentlemen, Please!

Nicole Clinton analyses actor Robert Sheehan’s style.*

While his character in Love/Hate may have donned the same leather jacket and blue hoodie for the majority of his onscreen life, Robert Sheehan’s personal style is anything but predictable. 283 more words


The Road Within (2014, Gren Wells)

The Road Within is a story about finding yourself. Every guy in the movie finds himself. The women don’t find themselves but they help the guys find themselves. 315 more words


The Messenger

Seeing dead people is not new ground for cinema.  The iconic line from The Sixth Sense is almost as famous as it’s twist ending.  However, very few people have made this supernatural power as dark and gritty as… 440 more words


The Road Within - Official Trailer

Vincent, a young man with Tourette’s syndrome, faces drastic changes after his mother dies. Because his politician father is too ashamed of the disorder to have Vincent accompany him on the campaign, Vincent is shuttled off to an unconventional clinic. 20 more words


The Messenger

Jack is a troubled and downtrodden individual who can see and speak to dead people. This ability carries extreme pressures for the young man, who everyone believes to be insane. 221 more words