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Uncertainty: can't live with it, can't live without it

Some things are certain. Like the fact that you have to return to work after your winter holiday, spent on a quiet beach in Goa. Damn. 949 more words


Architecture and urban design beyond the Pyramid Age

This building is based on a very clear vision of neo-liberal capitalism – it’s all steel and concrete and glass; it could easily be an airport building, or a shopping mall. 1,874 more words


From white-washing to uncovering secrets: this week's research quest for the history of biography

My research quest this week has been to try to better explain the shift from respectful, white-washed biographies of the Victorian-era to the biographical preoccupation by the late-twentieth century with uncovering secrets. 558 more words

Charles Dickens

Economics after the Crash: What Should Students be Taught?

Robert Skidelsky’s concluding remarks at the Post-Keynesian conference in Kansas City, tracked some clear principles toward which economic education should evolve. First of all, it has to be recognized that today there is a diffused discontent on how economics is taught, especially for two facts: it does not describe the contemporary economic reality and it does not provide the framework for a true economic debate, which is an essential pillar for every democratic society. 817 more words

'Economy a leaking balloon, govts make things worse'

Laurie Madden, May 20, 2014

RT talks to professor Robert Skidelsky, an award winning economist and historian, to get his take on how to mend Britain’s failing economy. 28 more words


What Can Economics Learn From Literature?

I haven’t had a chance to read Thomas Piketty’s much celebrated Capital in the Twenty-First Century yet, but it sounds fascinating and timely. Prospect has some excellent commentary.   905 more words


The Wolves Of Wall Street

BY Robert Skidelsky

“What a commentary on the state of twentieth-century capitalism,” mused “motivational speaker” Jordan Belfort as he looked back on his life of fraud, sex, and drugs. 263 more words

Thomas Piketty