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Crystal Castles & Robert Smith - Not in Love

It took me ages to realise this was Robert Smith and not Brandon Flowers. I was so confused. But what a crackin’ tune, typical mental Crystal Castles, really. 12 more words


Inbetween Days: The Story of The Cure's The Head on the Door, pt. 1 (1982- 1985)

I set a goal for myself last year, either around or on the album Disintegration‘s 25th anniversary, that I would write about The Head on the Door… 1,456 more words

On August 26, 1985.

On August 26, 1985, label “Fiction” released The Cure sixth studio album “The Head on the door”. The album marks the return of Simon Gallup in the band and is the first release to feature the drummer Boris Williams and Porl Thompson as official members. 82 more words

My Different Cure Campaign This October

(This post is a bit of a goof, more about music than cancer. Don’t take me too seriously.)

A few days ago I ran across a cartoon on Facebook—which I immediately shared on my Curmudgeon page—featuring several wild-haired characters stretching under a banner that said “Race for The Cure”. 519 more words

The Doctors Are In by Graeme Burk and Robert Smith?

No, that’s not a typo in the title bar. One of the authors has added a question mark, legally, to his last name. Also, I love this cover. 565 more words

Doctor Who

A New Look for Gatsby Summer Afternoon With Robert Smith

Notice something different? Well, let me fill you in. For Gatsby Summer Afternoon this year, the Art Deco Society of California decided it was time for a new invitation and program image. 338 more words


Friday I'm In Love - By Eve Francis

(c) Eve Francis, 2015.

“This is my favourite song,” she said.

Amanda looked up from the baking aisle.  Lisa held her hands on her waist, swaying her body from side to side, her hoodie open to display her bright red Tegan and Sara t-shirt. 1,008 more words