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Not good for the narrative.

From Robert Stacy McCain in Lessons of a ‘Sex Object:’ What can we really learn from Jessica Valenti’s memoir?

Compare this description to what Ms. Valenti says about her ‘lovely’ husband, who is forced to keep the house immaculate merely to avoid her wrath, and then ask whether you’d rather be (a) the muscle man who banged her at 16, or (b) the poor fool who ended up marrying her when she was 30.

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Aging Feminists

And Twitter Dims the Lights

When the left is in danger of losing control of the cultural narrative, that is when they are most like themselves. The times of happy faces and glib aphorisms are over and the dirty face of the tyrant is revealed. 401 more words

Twitter's on a path to doom

A few days ago, the venerable business newspaper Barron’s ran pictures of Trump and Sanders on its cover with this headline: Are They Killing the Market? 281 more words