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The #Cuckservative Con

Recently, we’ve been seeing the #cuckservative hashtag thrown around a lot on Twitter, usually in defense of Donald Trump. Ostensibly, the people using this hashtag are upset conservatives who feel like they have been “cuckolded” by the GOP establishment. 1,198 more words


Feminist self loathing

Feminists have long struggled to define their driving sense of discontentment.  Understanding this sense of discontentment is critical to understanding feminism itself.  If you don’t know what feminists are devoting their lives in reaction… 1,554 more words

Aging Feminists

It's Not Just Paul Elam: Here Are the Five Most Awful People A Voice for Men Has Promoted

The men’s rights website A Voice for Men has a well-earned reputation for misogyny. It’s founder, Paul Elam, has published a variety of woman-hating screeds in the past, and made statements promoting the rape and physical abuse of women. 1,413 more words

Christian Right

Something smells fishy

The Other McCain Suspects a Moby was trolling Captain Capitalism’s post on Return of Kings, and I have no question his suspicion is right.  I noticed a surge of this same sort of thing after the nutjob omega in Santa Barbara went on his evil murderous rampage. 43 more words


Charles whines about RS McCain

RS McCain takes Charles to task and as usual, the biggest coward online plays the man under siege role.

Why yes, I certainly did. Not for the first time, either.

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Little Green Footballs