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"The Writer" writes

As I’ve noted previously, Robert Stacy McCain* brilliantly describes what he calls “The Writer” in ‘Broken People,’ Cats and Prozac.  There are several very common characteristics of “The Writer” which McCain has noted.   836 more words

Ugly Feminists

Hillary Clinton Wants Fun Camps for Adults

A.B. Stoddard of The Hill says there’s nothing new from Hillary Clinton but she’s wrong.

Hillary wants fun camps for American adults.

Video by the… 308 more words


Stalk much, Charles?

Heh. Charles has been harassing Glenn Greenwald since 2006, and he’s still cranking on about a dead man and an updated bar chart.

Charles, you so funny.

Little Green Footballs

Racist Blogger Robert Stacy McCain Attacks Jessica Valenti with a Fake Quote

Right-wing hate site BarbWire has a new article by former Washington Times editor Robert Stacy McCain, this time attacking feminist author Jessica Valenti. McCain — who refers to himself as “the other McCain” in order to help us distinguish between himself and… 1,403 more words


A Lesson from Robert Stacy McCain: How NOT to Criticize Feminism

Robert Stacy McCain of The Other McCain has done a good job researching and exposing the excesses of radical feminism. Like many of the most outspoken critics of feminism emerging on the landscape, he hails from the far right. 2,161 more words


The possible roots of Charles Johnson's Nazi obsession

It just dawn on me what could possibly be the cause of Charles Johnson’s Nazi obsession. As we know, he is an avid comic book reader and a big fan of the Marvel Universe as featured in the Avengers Movie and the TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 655 more words

Little Green Footballs

Lena Dunham Denies 'Allegations' that Lena Dunham Made in Her Autobiography About Molesting Her Sister

If that’s confusing to you, think how confusing the whole ordeal must have been for Lena’s little sister Grace Dunham, who is now a lesbian. 385 more words