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Robert Stromberg's VRC Announces Animated VR Series 'Raising a Rukus'

Los Angeles-based Virtual Reality Company (VRC) announced a new animated virtual reality series Monday that will be distributed both across headsets as well as in theaters. 320 more words


Maléfique - un film de Robert Stromberg

Cela faisait quelque temps que je n’avais pas analysé un film de princesses donc aujourd’hui, attaquons-nous au très beau Maléfique, de Robert Stromberg. 3,178 more words


'Maleficent' Director Robert Stromberg Boards Thriller 'Carnival' (EXCLUSIVE)

Anonymous Content, Voltage Pictures, Peck Entertainment, and Bread & Circuses Entertainment have brought on “Maleficent” director Robert Stromberg to helm the noir thriller “Carnival.”

The project, written by Matias Caruso, centers on a knife-throwing master in a traveling circus, who uses his deadly skills to avenge the brutal murder of his sister. 230 more words


The VR Moment That Made Steven Spielberg Feel "Like A Kid Again"

Robert Stromberg, the Oscar-winning special effects artist who is working with Steven Spielberg on an upcoming virtual reality family series, said today that when Spielberg put on a VR headset on for the first time to watch a four-minute cinematic test of the project, the famed director immediately recognized the vast potential of the VR format. 314 more words

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THE BFG****A Giant of a Movie

NOBODY CHANNELS THE inner child as brilliantly as Steven Spielberg, in this slow moving but stunningly well-realized piece of magic. His adaptation of Roald Dahl’s touching tale of Sophie, a little lonely orphan girl who one night is kidnapped/rescued by a gentle giant, is a treat. 623 more words


Robert Stromberg's Virtual Reality Company Raises $23 Million From Chinese Investor

Los Angeles-based Virtual Reality Company (VRC), which has been co-founded by “Maleficent” director and acclaimed visual effects artist Robert Stromberg, has raised a $23 million round of funding. 149 more words


Alice in Wonderland / Alicia en el País de las Maravillas

Tim burton has brilliantly interpreted the fantastic story by Carroll, he made of  wonderland a world full of strange characters. The film is just great visually, but the best, without any doubt are the characters, they are atypical and original, with magical dresses that don’t lack any detail. 235 more words