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So Close Yet So Far Apart: Merce Cunningham's 'Place' Revived by Sandra Neels at the City Center Studios

Merce Cunningham’s choreography can be ambiguous, mysterious, and uniquely beautiful, so to see a Cunningham work just once, as I did a number of times during his company’s final year before disbandment, can be bittersweet. 530 more words

Modern Dance

Berlin, Part II: Residency Activities

Most dance companies do what is usually called “residency activities” while they are touring.  This is a long tradition in the performing arts world, aimed at giving other kinds of exposure (beyond spectatorship, or sitting in the theater watching a performance) and experience to those interested in the work being presented.   650 more words

Anatomy of A Tour: Berlin Part I

The Merce Cunningham Dance Company’s triumphant Legacy Tour is now in its final four months…hard to believe for the ensemble as the tour “continuum” which started at eight pages in length is now down to one page. 1,382 more words

Before and After Merce

Merce Cunningham was alive when I saw this show, and he died before I wrote about it.  A formal challenge, if I ever saw one.

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