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Timms' turn... again

I actually went to another place for brunch first but they did not seem interested in my business. That was not the first time that their service left much to be desired. 254 more words

Western Food


We woke up bright and early. Well, not bright but pitch dark outside cos Ibu has this tiresome knack of waking up at 5am! This and the fact that I tossed and turned all nite becos of the soft pillows I hate and at some point shrieked ‘stop snoring, bitch!’ made me a helluva crotchety cow indeed. 298 more words


G'day again

This was another place that I had not visited in a while and they too serve water in glasses. The menu had changed since. Gone are some of the salads which I had tried before. 177 more words

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Kaffeeklatsch Sessions with Friends Part 1

In view of us probably leaving for London in a month’s time, many meet ups with friends were arranged, to catch up on lost times while we were away in Canada for the past year. 536 more words

Baby E

G'day mate!

I love unexpected lunches. This was one of them though the choice of restaurant was mine. This is an Australian themed restaurant owned by Singaporeans. Robert Timms is an Australian brand, famous for its coffee. 202 more words

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It's Been A While

It’s been a while since the breakfast gang has gone out riding. Everyone’s been either busy, traveling, or fasting (a belated blessed Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friends!) and several Saturdays have gone by without us meeting up for coffee or breakfast. 179 more words