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The art of sketches

What is the role of sketches in architecture (today)? 

Le Corbusier

Aldo Rossi

Robert Venturi

Some think it is a necessary step of a design: its first spark.  687 more words


Cute is not Almost Alright: Jerde Partners and the American Shopping Experience

It is unfortunate that Jerde’s picturesque, ersatz, façade-driven shopping centers (loosely rooted in Robert Venturi / Denise Scott Brown’s “Main Street is almost alright” theory –Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture, … 183 more words

Cada um vê a cidade que quer.

Recordo-me de umas palavras inicias do livro Complexidade e Contradição em Arquitetura, que na minha memoria, diziam algo como [“Há pessoas que preferem arrancar os olhos para não ver a realidade…”] e que cimentaram um pensamento inquieto em mim desde a época da faculdade quando li o livro. 397 more words

Under a Bad Sign

Excerpts from Pittsburgh Architectural Club : Blog : Under a Bad Sign.

“Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown help explain the issue when he distinguishes between two kinds of buildings, the duck and the decorated shed. 197 more words


THE MODERN HOUSE III: Robert Venturi's Vanna Venturi's House

Architects: Venturi, Scott Brown
Date: 1962-64
Location: Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA
Client: Vanna Venturi

Vanna Venturi asked her son, Robert, who was fresh out of architecture school, to design a house for her. 130 more words

20th Century

There is no criticism, only history

Manfredo Tafuri
Design Book Review
No. 9: Spring 1986

Manfredo Tafuri is a prolific author on a wide variety of subjects ranging from 16th-century Venice ( 2,302 more words

Guest Post

Thomas Jefferson: The American Architect

Thomas Jefferson is acknowledged as the first significant American Architect. He used Classical architecture to symbolize ideas and aspiration of a new democracy. Robert Venturi is believed to be the architect who opened the door to post-modernism. 213 more words