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Fresh Fruit from Rotten Vegetables (part four): Neither For Nor Against Architecture, Yet Happy to Pit Wodiczko Against Bataille

Bataille and Foucault would have it that our day-to-day existence is governed by architecture: the tomb, the prison, the government office, etc. I have previously surmised that the 21st Century is a schizophrenic age, and what could be more schizophrenic (if we accept Foucault and Bataille) than a climate in which architecture is endlessly toppled and reconstructed? 604 more words


Couple Format (The Identity Between Love and Work)

In Summer 2016, I organised a series of conversations at the Architectural Association in London, where guests were invited to share one “Couple Format” that has, in retrospect, made some kind of mark upon them.  159 more words

On Concepts

Postmodernist Edwardians

Kristen Richards, the founder and editor of the indispensable ArchNewsNow, sent me the other day a piece she said would interest me. Well, that was the understatement of the week. 536 more words


Complex or Simple?

Author: Lindsey Trout

In “Complex or Simple?”, Lindsey Trout takes a closer look at Robert Venturi’s criticism of modernist architecture through excerpts of “Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture.” This essay discusses Venturi’s argument of the validity of modern architecture, stating that most work completed during that time was oversimplified and bland. 372 more words

Neon Halo

The Society of Architectural Historians brought Fr. McNamee and Denise Scott Brown back to our church in 2015 to talk about the long-ago Venturi project. … 680 more words

Symbolism And Artistry

Las Vegas Studio: Images from the Archive of Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown (Scheidegger & Spiess, 2008)

Since it was first published in 1972, Learning from Las Vegas has become a classic in the theory of architecture and one of the most influential architecture texts of the twentieth century. 91 more words


Freedom Plaza will serve historic role as protest site

Supporters and protestors alike, will be filing into Washington DC on January 20th for the inauguration of Donald Trump. 278 more words