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Things that you learn about yourself at a festival - Auckland Writers Festival 2016

You’d be forgiven for believing that what you learn at a festival is all about writers and readers and books. But, truth is, you learn a whole heap of other stuff too – like yourself. 357 more words


Quotable Auckland Writers Festival 2016

Quotes are one of those serendipitous things, that infest every festival session. You forget to expect them, until they poke out of the conversation, like fireworks, showing off their intelligence, wit and subtlety with a style and a good measure of flamboyance. 387 more words


Hudson's BBQ, Roberta GA

At the next stop on my little tour of middle Georgia, I visited a place with the silliest mascot I’ve seen in quite some time. It’s a cartoon pig with antlers. 451 more words


Tell it slant - Steve Braunias, Joan Fleming, Vivian Gornick and Chris Price at the Auckland Writers Festival 2016

How best to tell one’s truth? Inspired by Emily Dickinson’s “tell all the truth but tell it slant”, deft writers Steve Braunias (NZ), Joan Fleming… 381 more words


"Herstory" in history - Barbara Brookes at Auckland Writers Festival 2016

Three of my favourite things came together at the festival this morning: art, books and networking! Barbara Brookes was giving a presentation on her beautiful book… 521 more words