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More Hongkongers turn to Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Initiative as Protests Escalate. Get advice on Malaysian Properties

  • Malaysia says 251 Hong Kong residents have applied so far this year, with an expat agency saying there has been a surge in the last two weeks…
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China is the World’s #1 Leader in Repression of the Internet – ranked 176 out 180 nations. You can’t trust Fake News Propaganda from CCTV, Global Times, China Daily, People’s Daily, and Xinhua. But Global Social Media and Hong Kong are fighting back

Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 and until the 1980s, almost all media outlets in Mainland China were state-run. Independent media outlets only began to emerge at the onset of economic reforms, although state-run media outlets such… 871 more words

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Facebook removes Fake News Accounts because of Chinese Government Links - not Content. Twitter announces no advertising from ‘CCP State-controlled news media entities’

  • Twitter also announces it will no longer accept advertising from ‘state-controlled news media entities’
  • Deceptive tactics and coordination between accounts also identified

Victor Shih, a professor at University of California San Diego’s School of Global Policy and Strategy, said the… 895 more words

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Internet Trolling Groups by Nationalistic Mainlanders in cherry-picking bad protester behaviour and Fake News from CCP News Dailies

  • As social media-savvy activists run a grass-roots public relations campaign, they have come up against nationalistic mainlanders egged on by state media.
  • There is a clear dichotomy between how the movement has been portrayed on the internet within and beyond the mainland.
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The True Story behind the Resignations of Cathay Pacific’s Group CEO and CCCO: CCP’s "White Terror" Totalitarian Control over Hong Kong Businesses and its Citizens

Heads had to roll at Cathay Pacific Airways after British billionaire Merlin Swire was summoned to Beijing last Monday.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) 1,091 more words

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Growing conflicts as Malaysia Independence Day approaches. Religious and racial issues are boiling over about Zakir Naik (racist rhetoric to return to "balik Cina, balik India"), Khat Arabic-Malay calligraphy & Dong Zong issue, and Islamic child conversions

  • The country’s multicultural identity becomes a cause for celebration every August as Malaysia gears up for its national day party
  • But democratisation is now pushing politicians to exploit ethnic differences for electoral gain, and many fear a slide towards bigotry and radicalisation…
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Tear Gas was banned worldwide in 1925. Learn how the Hong Kong Police violated all guidelines of usage. If you must poison a population to shut it up, what has gone wrong in the democratic process?

Banned worldwide in 1925, tear gas underwent an image overhaul before being embraced as an alternative to bullets. The canisters littering Hong Kong streets have been deployed… 1,089 more words

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