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Helping hands for shoes

April 23, 2017 – In game 4 of the Boston Celtics – Chicago Bulls matchup, Robin Lopez of Chicago somehow ended up losing his shoe. Jae Crowder tosses his shoes out of bounds perhaps for safety, perhaps to keep Robin out of the game, and at that point Robin decides he has to retaliate with some shenanigans. 25 more words


Funniest moments from NBA Playoffs so far

We are only 10 days into the Playoffs and it’s been exciting and eventful to say the least. LeBron did his annual first round sweeping, Grizzlies are tied with the #2 seed Spurs at 2-2, the Celtics have tied up their series against the Bulls after originally falling being 2-0 (after the very somber and weird game 1 that was after Isaiah Thomas’ sister passed away), and the Warriors just swept the Blazers easily given Durant missing games and Steve Kerr’s presence on the bench in question for the rest of the playoffs. 513 more words


Robin Lopez had the best response to Jae Crowder throwing his shoe

The third quarter of Sunday’s Game 4 between the Bulls and Celtics had one of the oddest sequences we’ve seen during these playoffs.

Robin Lopez lost his shoe while tipping in an offensive rebound, and the Celtics’ Jae Crowder had no interest in handing it back to him. 141 more words


3 ways the Bulls can prove they don't need Playoff Rajon Rondo to beat the Celtics

Playoff Rajon Rondo — the “Playoff” is an official part of his name — is a force to be reckoned with. Just ask the Celtics, the ones who were carried to the 2012 Eastern Conference finals on the backs of Playoff Rondo and a fading Big 3. 788 more words


Brad Stevens, Celtics Need To Adjust Fast Before It's Too Late

There is simply no way of hiding it. Through the first two games of its first round matchup with the Chicago Bulls, the East’s top-seed Boston Celtics have looked overmatched in nearly every facet. 1,270 more words


Kelly Olynyk Is At It Again, And He Put Robin Lopez In An Armbar

Kelly Olynyk is back at it practicing his MMA under the basket. This time, fortunately, he didn’t do any real damage to the opposition.

Eagle-eyed viewers of Tuesday night’s… 226 more words


NBA Starting Five - 4/6

While MLB season is officially in full-swing (lol I hope Sean appreciates my attempted Dad joke), we have an extremely exciting NBA slate tonight with a ton of playoff implications on the line, especially in the Eastern Conference. 890 more words

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