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Left Coast

Since their move from New Jersey in the summer of 2012, the current Brooklyn Nets franchise has had a grand total of two (2) NBA All-Stars… 853 more words


Jarrett Allen

C Texas Jarrett Allen 6’11” 240 7’6” wingspan

Player Comparison: Robin Lopez/ Steven Adams

Why Here: Indy is probably looking to pair this draft pick in a trade to bring in more assets for a further playoff push. 560 more words


Draymond Green on Kelly Olynyk: 'He's dirty'

Kelly Olynyk does not have the best reputation in the NBA. He was called dirty for what happened with him and Kevin Love in 2015, which led to Love’s dislocated shoulder. 135 more words


Top 10 moments 2016-17 NBA season

When the 2016-17 NBA season started, we all pictured one boring and narrow season with a similar ending; a Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors championship rematch. 1,545 more words


Robin Lopez Gave An Interview While Holding His Incredibly Fluffy Dog

Robin Lopez brought his dog Muppet to his closeout interview today. pic.twitter.com/qYuI77PXxC

— Nick Friedell (@NickFriedell) April 29, 2017

Robin Lopez is a dog person. That was kind of assumed when we learned that he wouldn’t live with his twin brother, Brook, because the Nets’ center has a cat who is “

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Robin Lopez Cradles His Dog Like a Baby During Exit Interview


If I had to bet, I’d say Robin Lopez’s dog, here, is a labrodoodle. But in any case the dog’s name is Muppet, and he accompanied Lopez to exit interviews in Chicago. 75 more words


Robin Lopez's dog got to meet the Chicago media and Benny the Bull at exit interviews

There was only one way for Robin Lopez to improve on his lustrous curls: a dog with even more lustrous curls.

Robin Lopez discusses the season and his exit interview…

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