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The fears we don’t face become our limits

– Robin Sharma


Fail #Day 18

It does come together. Everything. The power of faith, was the unseen force that I realized in the end. The reaffirmations do work, when every single cell in your body is aligned, to the same destiny. 578 more words


Predawn #Day 11

It is uncanny why most of the religions have prayers early morning. Technically, this is neither morning nor night, and is a short 30-35 minute zone between the dawn and the end of night. 893 more words


How to kick start your morning Like A Boss!

Mornings for most of us are constantly hitting the snooze button, waking up in a panic realising you overslept, rushing to get ready for work, trying to find what to wear while gulping down your cup of coffee and then heading off to sit in traffic, that leaves you frustrated before the day even started.  155 more words


I Want to Be a Pirate

Recently, I got to attend a fantastic two-day event called the Personal Mastery Academy that was hosted by Robin Sharma. On day two, he told us a story that deeply resonated with me. 938 more words


Supercharge Your Success with Tips from 7 Experts

You aspire to be successful but yet the hard work, sleepless nights and years spent attempting to achieve it prove futile or at best yield minimal results. 886 more words



Maybe this quote resonates with you on a deeper level today, or maybe it just kinda feels like the week you’ve had. Whether you’re going through an epic transformation, and could use a reminder that yes, it is going to be  87 more words