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You Are My Sunshine

The commander’s quarters often hummed with a quiet sort of energy. Robin Lorcasf had spent so much time here that they were like a second home to her. 1,577 more words

Guest: Domerin

Living with Technology

When all the trees are gone, technology can fill the gap.

Mason Bee Nests in Plastic

Here’s a rainbird sprinkler, named after a robin, with a robin, that loves rain, using it as a perch as the rainbird extends the robin’s range by providing environment for invasive earthworms, which robins have learned to love, in the West Coast rainforest. 8 more words

Nature Photography

ROBIN 88/365

It’s Friday. Happy Memorial Day weekend!


ROBIN 87/365

There may or may not be wine (actually seltzer with just a splash of wine) in that cup. Just sayin’. It was a tough day. My heart is tired and I am missing Joe.


ROBIN 86/365

"May you have the courage to go places that scare you."


ROBIN 85/365

Put my skate bag by the front door as a way to force myself out of the house. Going to that rink is one of the hardest things I do even though I look forward to the people I see there and I always have a good time. 50 more words