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It's Spring If I Say It Is...

Despite all the evidence outside my window to the contrary, it’s spring. I will wear bright colors, and I will ignore the snowflakes icing up my eyeballs. 63 more words


7 Things That Make Ted an Awesome Man

Theodore Evelyn Mosby.
You might have come across many posts about this guy probably always written by women about why they “luuurrveeee Teddy!” But this is something largely different because in the shoes of a bro, I see Ted more as a man from whom we can learn rather just a protagonist of two cute love stories. 576 more words


Birds of a feather

Hello! Who’s this?

Yes, indeed. Colin‘s long-awaited lady love has finally deigned to put in a – rather splendid, if I may be so presumptuous as to suggest such a thing – appearance. 335 more words

Lovely Things

Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews - 3/28/15

I’m happy to report my busy week has come to an end! I was covering a murder trial in my day job as a mild-mannered newspaper reporter, and the guy ended up being found guilty. 2,429 more words


The Robins Song....ode to the little Robin that wakes me & keeps me company all day.

The Robins Song.

On the tip, of the top branch of a tree,
The Robin sings just for me.
He opens up his little bill, 63 more words


1963 Craighead Viaduct

Two remarkable photos taken in 1963 of the abandoned Craighead Railway Viaduct. Both photos were taken by John Robin, famed for taking photos of a full series of local bridges. 263 more words

Blantyre Icons