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Robin Song

The female robin lit on the top of the chain link fence that separates my patio from the parking lot.  The bouquet of grass clutched in her beak made it obvious that she was constructing a nest. 529 more words

Robin's Song: a haiku 

Today I finally got to look at a couple of the haiku prompts/challenges I like to participate in and, to my surprise, no, delight, they went together perfectly. 69 more words


World's Finest 147 - the Superman/Batman team vs the Olsen/Robin team

It’s youth vs experience in World’s Finest 147 (Feb. 65) as the Olsen/Robin team branch out on their own.

Robin and Jimmy Olsen are moving trophies into the Eyrie.  155 more words

World's Finest 144 - the Brainiac/Clayface team

Hamilton, Swan and Klein save the Brainiac/Clayface team up for the last couple of pages of the story in World’s Finest 144 (Sept. 64).

Jimmy Olsen and Robin are far more important to the tale than the villains are.  135 more words

My Favorite Robins

Originally posted back in 2012 on my now-defunct MissSynph tumblr blog. I’m reposting this (with a few updates) since it is Robin’s anniversary year. We’ve got so much to look forward to with Robin as a legacy character this year and I think there’s no better time for a repost about why I can’t actually pick my favorite Robin out of the ones we’ve been given. 1,546 more words

DC Comics

World's Finest 143 - Superman and Batman battle it out in Kandor

Hamilton, Swan and Klein send Superman and Batman into Kandor for World’s Finest 143 (June 1964).

Batman gets shot while stopping a crime, and sinks into a depression.  211 more words

World's Finest 142 - the Composite Superman debuts

Superman and Batman are given one of their greatest foes by Hamilton, Swan and Klein in World’s Finest 142 (June 1964).

The story opens with the mysterious Composite Superman attacking the heroes, and getting the best of them.  245 more words