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Did you get a Marriott robocall? The hotel giant says it's a scam

SALT LAKE CITY — A number of FOX 13 viewers report getting a robocall on Thanksgiving claiming to be from the Marriott hotel chain.

Many people also took to Twitter and Facebook to complain about the call that came as they were celebrating with their families. 132 more words


Dueling calls

I tried to deal with a State government office this morning:got hung up on twice. The third time, after being informed all agents are busy right now, I can leave my phone number and they will call me back in between 55 minutes and one hour seventeen minutes from now. 36 more words


My first robo-call, 3 September 2015

And so it happened tonight, I got my first Robo-call.  Very exciting.  Tom Mulcair’s voice came through the line and said if I wanted an English message press 2 – so I did, and he gave the spiel about having good MPs elected last year who worked to oust Harper, and that I should vote for them this time round so that they can finish the job.  125 more words


The tools are available to stop robocalls, so why do so few telecom's use them?

Why aren’t telecom companies giving us the tools we need to block robocalls?

For the past two years the FTC held contests at the international DEF CON conference, the worlds largest annual hacker’s convention held in Las Vegas, awarding prizes for the best and most effective tools to fight robocalls.  815 more words

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ROBO CALLS: More than an annoyance, they put you at risk

Telemarketers aren’t simply the annoying dinner-interrupters they used to be.  Things have changed. There are fraudsters out there on the other end of these calls who can go so far as to manipulate recordings of your voice, then use those recordings to take over your accounts. 650 more words

Consumer Advocacy

How “Silent Calls” Lead To Identity Theft

We’ve all had the experience of answering a phone call only to hear nothing. Typically, we just hang up and shrug. But those “silent calls” are the first step in well-organized campaigns to steal identities and bank account balances. 16 more words

Identity Theft