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Pump Up the Volume (1990)

So here’s how the mind of a film nerd works; I’m on Twitter replying to a comment about Donald Trump, feeling all pleased with myself for noting that he reminds me of the fake adverts in… 218 more words


Moments From Six Shows or Movies That Terrified me as a Child!

It might be funny now, but was there ever a scene from a particular movie or something from a television show that scared the hell out of you when you were little and it temporarily traumatized your young little brain? 979 more words


RoboCop - the Reboot

Confession time, I have never seen the original RoboCop movie. It is on my list to watch, but that is a rather lengthy list. Now let me set the scene, after being a part of Katie and Joe’s wedding this past weekend, I was flat out exhausted Sunday night. 254 more words

Film Flashback Friday


It was smugness at first sight, difficult to establish just what gave it away,the shirt, the tie knotted in a traditional Harvard knot, the briefcase,his middle aged snow white hands, the smirk of disapproval at the single mum with the crying baby at the opposite table, this was not his favourite haunt, you could tell, perhaps the Hilton was full up tonight. 165 more words

Robocop (1987) Review

They don’t make movies like Robocop anymore. They tried and failed to capture the classic, original magic of the 1987 film and after watching the debut of Robocop, you can see why. 578 more words


Merchandise Monday #42

You shouldn’t get stuck in traffic with Robocop’s Ford Taurus police car! My brother and I dug up our toy car from the original Robocop: 129 more words


Favourite Childhood Films

I saw this Childhood Film Blogathon hosted by LetsGoToTheMovies7 via Twitter and I just had to take part. My favourite films from my childhood aren’t all necessarily child-friendly but I still love these films today and the majority of them I watch over and over again. 414 more words