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Robocop and ED-209 (1987) Vs. Robocop and ED-209 (2014)

(Editor’s Note: This post was originally written by Keith Feltenstein.)

In our next “Versus” round, we see who would be the better cyborg and counter part crowd control surveillance unit machine! 616 more words


Starlog #177 April 1992

The Terminator meets Robocop. My money’s on the Terminator…


My RoboCop Pitch


A group of city councilmen headed by the crooked Mayor Manning Green, have formed an axis of political evil in Detroit known as… 306 more words

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Science Fiction Today - Justice System

The justice system is a complicated process and deals with not only finding the people who commit crimes, but also convicting and judging them. There are a lot of different areas that make up the entire justice system and in science fiction we see these areas dealt with in very different ways. 485 more words

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2014 Special mentions.

Some other films from 2014 that were surprising, noteworthy or just solidly entertaining.


Though it may be slow and tedious at times this film offers one of the most unique depictions of time travel of any movie in recent memory and is worth seeing for that alone. 582 more words

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The RoboCop Remake is a Slick Reimagining

First things first….. This isn’t the 1987 RoboCop most of us know and love. The 2014 reimagining manages to stand on its own merits – it’s a solid action flick with just enough social commentary and humanity mixed in to make it a well-rounded movie. 892 more words


Preview: RoboCop #10

RoboCop #10

Authors: Joshua Williamson & Dennis Culver
Artist: Alejandro Aragon

Killian has revealed OCP’s omnipresent surveillance system, and now the people of Detroit want to bring down “big brother” and RoboCop. 56 more words