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The BRB30000 explores the classic action flick from Paul Verhoven, Robocop.


Elle ★★★★

If Alfred Hitchcock were alive today, he’d have directed Elle. This masterful psychological thriller has everything Hitch would’ve loved: a beautiful, strong female protagonist with a dark, mysterious past, a violent and sex-driven plot, a cast of characters who make one bad decision after another, a psychotic and controversial antagonist, and a dark, dry wit. 599 more words

Robocop: Miguel Ferrer Remembered With Dr. Peter Weller

In the last few years, we have lost a number of terrific actors that were the basis of our movie obsessions in the first place. 2016 , whether accurately or not, was seen as being particularly brutal. 1,359 more words

616. Tropicana, Weston-super-Mare (5)

Weston-super-Mare is the home of the great stencil artist JPS, and the Tropicana is home to many of his pieces. This one is in the lobby area between the street and the open area inside the Tropicana, where Dismaland was hosted. 89 more words


Re-Release Old Movies Instead of Reboots and Remakes

Let’s go see what in store next month in the realm of movies, shall we? On March 10, we’ve got Kong: Skull Island, which is based on the myriad of King Kong movies. 1,426 more words

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Ghost in the Shell

We take a look at anime classic Ghost in the Shell, ahead of its upcoming live-action remake – even though there’s basically already been one. 318 more words



In a future where Omnicorp military machines protect America’s interests and its personnel, Alex Murphy becomes their latest experiment.

Whilst the success of Omnicorp’s robots in international conflicts has led to an era of peace for war torn countries, using them in America has proven controversial.   267 more words