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Robocop (2014) **(Out of 4)

Consensus: The “Robocop” remake takes the basic premise of the original classic film from the 80’s and removes everything that made it so great and replaces it with a half-assed story and boring PG-13 action.


"The Raid" by Josan Gonzalez & Laurie-Greasley is an amazing tribute to pop culture

The more you look at this, the more awesome references you’ll find. Click on the image for full size goodness;

Source: Hero Complex Galaxy (HCG)/Store. 


Favorite Movies of My Life Pt. 2 (1981 - 1990)

The eighties is when I did the bulk of my movie watching, so its going to get harder,  as I go,  to just choose one movie, and in some cases, some  movies are going to have to share the spotlight with others. 1,699 more words


"THE TERMINATOR" and "ROBOCOP" go head-to-head in Barcelona, Spain!

Now this is a cool idea. The Phenomena Experience cinema house in Barcelona Spain is having a double feature tonight. And they are calling it “TERMINATOR vs ROBOCOP”! 73 more words

The Terminator

Ghost In The Shell: was a little empty inside

I must admit, I’ve heard and seen a lot about the popular anime/manga that this latest blockbuster was adapted from, but I never really got to watching or reading much of it. 609 more words