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Robot and Frank: Hal 9000 without the psychotic tendencies

A seemingly futuristic idea, but with a great story where you will start to think that growing old (hopefully) won’t be that bad.

‘Robot’, an intelligent home device reminds me greatly of the Hal 9000, without the psychotic tendencies, but with far more wit and charm, making a great companion. 57 more words


TV Pick of the Day - Wednesday 20 May

Film fan Zoe Butcher has three potential picks for tonight’s viewing… 315 more words


Oldie But Goodie: Adventures in Netflix: Our Robot Friends

About a year ago, I used to write a blog about watching a new thing on Netflix every week. I’m posting these up here. This was originally published on April 1, 2014. 529 more words

Watch: Paper Towns - Trailer - Cara Delevinge, Nat Wolff

Adapted from the bestselling novel by author John Green (The Fault In Our Stars), Paper Towns is a coming-of-age story centering on Quentin and his enigmatic neighbor Margo, who loved mysteries so much she became one. 98 more words


Paul's Top Ten Films That He Watched In 2014

I have mixed opinions on the volume of movies that I watched in 2014. About half way through the year, I set a goal to watch at least 100 new movies before the end of December. 1,464 more words

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Big Hero 6: The Day Disney Ate Marvel

Now that the Marvel Studio’s superhero-powerhouse-blockbuster-machine is fully up and running- since Disney’s 2009 acquisition – Disney has rummaged through the Marvel box to find a vehicle to Disneyfy. 341 more words


Robot and Frank (movie review)

Don’t watch the trailer – it gives away too much!

This is one of those times I’m asking you not to watch the trailer.  You’re just going to have to trust me when I say that the tone of… 365 more words

Movie Review