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A Night of Science – and Robots

Experyment Science Centre is organizing a Science Night called Back to the Future about the truth and fiction in science-fiction. The poster had to include callbacks to science-fiction classics – and robots. 159 more words


Wireless Animatronic Hand ( Gesture + Voice )


Basically this was our college project and due to lack of time to submit this project we forgot to take pictures of some steps. I also designed a code using which one can control this robotic hand using gesture and voice at a same time but due to lack of time we were not able to implement it as then we had to make changes in whole circuit and I also designed a code using which you can control this project by using voice only using just Arduino board only then you will not need EasyVR shield which is costly so it is cheap method to make voice control robot . 1,425 more words


I Feel Fantastic!

Let’s Talk-I Feel Fantastic!

Hey, guys! My name is Dice Rollen & today I have a subject that I’ve talk a little bit about in a previous video where I covered some of the creepiest videos that you could watch on Youtube. 758 more words


Made in Abyss Episode 12: Learning the ropes

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This episode’s climax wasn’t really the development I was expecting as setup for the final episode, but I have to admit that it makes sense. 312 more words



A #1 of a 5 part continuation of my series using Five Nights at Freddy’s figures. Learn more here.

New Photography