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Hiroshi Ishiguro: “In just a few years we won’t be able to distinguish between robots and humans”

According to the University of Osaka Professor, in two years anybody will be able to use applications for a personal robot. 256 more words


Food with Company!

Food always tastes better with good company!

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Ouch my feet…

Morning slow rush as I walk into the tram. I recognize yesterday’s perfume, a scent of vanilla one, and I know it’s not mine; on purpose I choose another one today. 129 more words


Rise of the RoboMasters | The Verge

We went to China’s Silicon Valley to see the front lines of the robot wars

Source: Rise of the RoboMasters | The Verge


This robot can climb fences — and open doors

In the video above, a new robot called the Minitaur looks at first like a cute, gamboling puppy. Then it climbs a fence. And opens a door. 68 more words

Hillary "Stepford" Clinton

She walked out on the stage like Hillary Clinton, wearing yet another pants suit. Standing at the podium, the sound of her voice appeared normal. Yet, the posture, stance, and motions appeared a bit robotic in nature. 122 more words

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Robot Control Using Gestures with MATLAB and Arduino

How’re you doing makers!

I hope you liked my previous post which was to control computer mouse operations using image processing in MATLAB. If you’ve not seen it yet then… 336 more words