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Domino's Is Starting Robot Pizza Delivery This Summer

Whomp, whomp, it’s only in Europe.

Domino’s Pizza has officially teamed up with Starship Technologies for the future of robotic pizza delivery. Starship uses a small robotic car, featuring six wheels, that can travel around 4 miles per hour and can carry about 40 pounds of food. 51 more words


NASA just made a tiny new robot companion for the Mars rover: Meet PUFFER, the foldable explorer.

Meet PUFFER, a new robot designed by NASA to explore terrains a Mars rover can’t get to. Its name, PUFFER, stands for pop-up flat folding explorer robot. 71 more words

'Tara the Robot' Fired as Mass Effect Animator

Edmonton, AL – Bioware Corporation announced Wednesday that Tara the Robot will no longer be working with the company as Head of Facial Animations.

Tara’s work on the newly released and highly anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda has been roundly criticized. 114 more words


Little girl befriends water heater she thinks is a robot, melts hearts

ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — It’s a tale as old as time: Girl meets robot, girl immediately tells robot she loves it, robot turns out to be a discarded water heater. 106 more words


Build-your-own robot can tackle biology and chemistry experiments

Building off-the-shelf Lego robots can teach kids important skills like mechanical engineering, computer programming and teamwork. Now, Stanford bioengineers are adding life sciences and chemistry to the list. 208 more words

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