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Past projects

To get a feel for the kind of things I do, I’ll be posting some old projects I’ve worked on, as well as some things I’ve been meaning to finish.

3d Printing

Instead of asking, "are robots becoming more human?" we need to ask "are humans becoming more robotic?”

For more than 65 years, computer scientists have studied whether robots’ behavior could become indistinguishable from human intelligence. But while we’ve focused on machines, have we ignored changes to our own capabilities? 961 more words

Starting with RoboBerry project

Over the past weekend I started to get interested in the possibilities offered by the raspberry. In particular, it has always fascinated me that can go to let out my applications out of their virtual world and start interacting with the real world. 111 more words


Manipulators get a 1000x FPGA-based speed bump

For humans, moving our arms and hands onto an object to pick it up is pretty easy; but for manipulators, it’s a different story. Once we’ve found the object we want our robot to pick up, we still need to plan a path from our robot hand to the object all the while lugging the remaining limbs along for the ride  413 more words

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