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Isaac Asimov - Robots - Sally

After reading Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy, I picked up a copy of The Complete Robot. It supposedly contains all of Asimov’s Robot stories. I’m reading them in the order they are presented in this collection which is not the order in which they were written or published. 364 more words

Isaac Asimov


Whenever my daughter asks me to build her something, I have no power to resist! After watching Wall-E with her for the first time, she asked if she could have a Wall-E of her own. 225 more words

Testing Marusia, an AI Russian news host

Mail.ru Group made a free platform that generates news broadcasts with an adorable Russian speaking host.

To create your news release you choose a host, a background, and upload a text less than 500characters. 174 more words

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Robotics Engineer Interview

For college students, the biggest barrier to their dream job is lack of practical experience. But a few of them break those barriers by self-learning and by gaining experience through trial and error! 1,675 more words