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6th entry.

Before you start thinking the robots were rebelling against us, they weren’t. You see, this isn’t really an act of defiance or they grew a conscience of some sort. 293 more words


Remember Asimov. Then lets speak about his three laws.

The Fresh Prince has had a long and illustrious career with films like Ali, The Pursuit of Happyness, Six Degrees of Separation, The Legend of Bagger Vance before I am Legend, Concussion, Seven Pounds, Collateral and a few more to stretch his acting prowess. 491 more words

I Want You To Build A Space Suit That Doesn't Like Me... Into My Skin (Module For Character Bionics)

A player came to me with the idea of a bionic spacesuit that was built into her skin. I love to accommodate almost anything the players are excited about, BUT in the GURPS system at TL 11 it is far, far, far, far more expensive to build something like a spacesuit into your body than it is to just buy a spacesuit at the store. 2,633 more words


The market for delivery robots with higher than 6 kph speed to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period

According to the new market research report Delivery Robots Market by Load Carrying Capacity (Up to 10, 10.01-50.00, and More than 50 kg), Component (LiDAR Sensors, Control Systems), Number of Wheels (3, 4, and 6), End-User Industry (Food & Beverages, Retail), and Geography – Global Forecast 2024″ 520 more words

Sparki tells jokes

Sparki tells jokes! I plan to expand this program to add as many jokes as possible. I’d like to get 100 robot jokes collated. I’d also like to integrate this with my free roam code, so that when Sparki is hanging around, you can also read jokes too. 168 more words


5th entry.

That day, that fateful day. The day where it change humanity forever. Well, honestly it started out like any other day. The robots departing for work, we doing whatever we wanted in the house. 451 more words