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Room navigation/Object avoidance program

The latest code to talk about is an intelligent room navigation/object avoidance program.

The lovely people at arcbotics (the designers and makers of Sparki found here: … 482 more words


El mito del robot asesino.

Popularmente se tiene la creencia de que toda Inteligencia Artificial iniciará una rebelión en contra de la humanidad. Atribuimos una imagen maléfica a esta tecnología, como si fuera el… 1,322 more words


Work In Progress: EUOF!

I think I need another day to hammer out the B&W image before moving to color, and then painting. If you follow my blog you’ve probably seen this image in multiple stages going back more than 6 months. 45 more words


The Dreams Come and They Go

A slivered silvering of collective sighs
Night on the sturmling sea
A long time to collect and a long time to plant
Seeds of revolution covered the disturbed soils
Some nightmares were true and complete
Our great protector returns, and tells his smaller
	descendant to make ready
Aeons in the future
The xenophobic aliens were on their way
The first ever three dimensional novel with multimedia
	and countless crossing lines
The beauty of the dreams uncounted
Silvered in the air of transcendence we become ourselves
Not to be taken uncertain in times of transcendence
Objects of admiration are taken to be uttered
	without cause
Too many, to many, were the thoughts of destruction
Animations and travails were wrought of the oceans of
A structure of rottenness was introduced
I have taken too many symbols into the fold
All on the way to roughness is the waking instant
Too many symbols to count
Being, he wrought mathematics
Being, he opened his heart
Being, he propelled the conversation
Ceasing, he became more
Ceasing, he unwound too many times
Ceasing, he overlooked many flaws
Beginning again, he cooked up

Petit'gguy Lightning Blue [Unboxing]

Hello reader, and welcome back to my blog.  Today I will be unboxing a very small- but very cute- kit.  As the title suggests, this kit is the Petit’gguy Lightning Blue.   344 more words


[ARTICLE] Wrist Rehabilitation Assisted by an Electromyography (EMG)-driven Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)-robot after Stroke - Full Text PDF


Background. Augmented physical training with assistance from robot and neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) may introduce intensive motor improvement in chronic stroke.

Objective. To compare the rehabilitation effectiveness achieved by NMES-robot assisted wrist training and that by robot assisted training. 194 more words



Naime, socijalna mreža na zanimljiv način funkcioniše. Nije me bilo par dana zato što su mi tražili da verifikujem svoj identitet. Najezda botova i ne čudi me. 698 more words