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3D Printed Robots Teach Themselves to Move

University of Oslo in Norway – Theorizing a robot that, when encountering an unfamiliar problem, the robot takes a picture of it, analyzes it, uses a built-in printer to create a new robot, or part for the existing robot, to deal with the problem.


Robots Build Large Structures With Brick and Concrete

Fastbrick Robotics – House construction based on a CAD drawing. Uses a mobile system, akin to a giant 3D printing mechanism that can make walls.

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MIT Finally Does Some Useful Research With Beer Delivering Robots

MIT – With multiple robots, trying to help them collaborate under uncertain situations in order to perform a specific task. A difference from a finite state controller, which requires a rigid tree of if-then orders.


Damage Recovery Algorithm Could Make All Robots Unstoppable

Université Pierre et Marie Curie – A damaged robot capable of having expectations about different behaviors that might work, tests them, and find a behavior that allows them to continue moving. 6 more words

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Mother Robots Build Children Robots to Experiment With Artificial Evolution

PLOS ONE – Creating a “mother robot” which will construct more robots using standardized parts, activates them, and tests which “child” robots were able to move the furthest in the shortest amount of time. 20 more words

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WSJ: Harvard Scientists Devise Robot Swarm That Can Work Together

“The beauty of biological systems is that they are elegantly simple and yet, in large numbers, accomplish the seemingly impossible,” said Harvard computer scientist Radhika Nagpal. 10 more words

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Stanford Students Teach Robots to Play Ping-pong, Land a Drone

Experimental Robotics Class, Stanford – The goal of the class is to give groups of students 3 ½ weeks to program a robot to do something, anything, so long as it has a defined purpose.