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Robot of the day: October 11, Inktober

The robots are running behind and are attempting to catch up.


Robot Rule

Regarding how we treat our fellow man, I believe God’s word is quite clear: we should be kind to all men (1 Tim 2:24), give honor to all (1 Peter 2:17) and not be rude to any (1 Cor 13:5). 1,108 more words

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The World’s 1st Molecular Robot Has Just Been Created by UK Scientists | Big Think

The new and growing branch of nanotechnology promises much. In the near future, experts predict that nanosensors will be used inside our bodies to monitor our health and alert us to disease or even an oncoming health crisis. 166 more words

Robot Technology

Armed Ground Robots to Fight in the Ukrainian Conflict, Ushering in a New Age of Warfare | Big Think

It may be time to face the reality that some of our favorite dystopian tropes are becoming reality. Skynet has not yet taken over, but automatic war machines are here and about to get busy fighting. 38 more words

Robot Technology

Alphabet's X Still Striving To Make Sci-Fi Robots A Reality | Androidheadlines.com

Alphabet’s moonshot division X is still striving to make science fiction robots a reality, the company’s General Manager of Robots Hans Peter Brøndmo revealed earlier this week. 78 more words

Robot Technology

Video: Giant robots ready to fight it out in real life - Khaleej Times

We are closer to the future than we can imagine. Proof of this is cars that can be run solely on electricity, taxis that can fly, and now, robots that can fight each other.What earlier was a product of a science fiction is now a happening reality. 53 more words

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