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3D-Printed Rover Rolls Light and Looks Right

’s RO-V Remotely Operated Vehicle instructable shows you how to make this cool-looking and capable robot. The rover, a 1/10th scale truggy, sports a chassis printed in silver and black PLA. 274 more words


My Newest Addition to My Troupe

This is Gillespie (GL-SP = Gul…S…P). Just finished making him. Gotta work some bugs out yet. He isn’t calibrated or synchronized ventriliquially. He keeps picking up ham radio skip and the oldies station, when it wasn’t oldies.


Death as a Robot I guess

pix2code: teaching AI to build apps

Last May, Tony Beltramelli of Ulzard Technologies presented his latest algorithm pix2code at the NIPS conference. Put simply, the algorithm looks at a picture of a graphical user interface (i.e., the layout of an app), and determines via an iterative process what the underlying code likely looks like. 190 more words


The Adventures of Laurie and Cookie: Issue 3

Laurie tried to break free of the robot’s grip, but with no success. She struggled along with Cookie and Flora as the three robolice dragged them out of the store. 702 more words


Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) ☆1/2(1.5/4): Another unbearable epic mess

It is an understatement to say that “Transformers: The Last Knight” is a cinematic equivalent of blunt instrument. This is another unbearable epic mess as brainlessly loud and bombastic as three previous sequels following “Transformers” (2007), and it will relentlessly bludgeon your aural and optic nerve system for no less than 149 minutes while making no sense at all in terms of story and characters. 832 more words