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Where is...The Robot from Lost In Space?

Maybe I should clarify the original Lost In Space. Not the movie or the Netflix series…but the original sixties show.

Much to my surprise, this was not Robby the Robot from… 293 more words


January 25, 1921: Know Your Robot

As every child of five knows, Karel Capek penned the play R.U.R. which premiered on January 25, 1921, and took the world by storm. Okay, maybe every Czech child of five, since Capek was a Czech writer which, of course, makes R.U.R. 189 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Is being overprotective means being controlling? Because if it does, I’d like to protect me so that I can control me.


Can a Robot Write a Book?

In this digital age, the future holds infinite possibilities, with our scientists and developers paving the way for an era of computerisation and robotics. It is no surprise that the development of new ways to utilise technology is fast becoming our society’s fascination. 488 more words



Director: Jack Hannah
Release Date: July 1961
Stars: Woody Woodpecker

‘Franken-stymied’ starts with a classic stormy scene and Woody Woodpecker trying to hide from the storm in a castle. 190 more words

From the Womb of the Father

That line 👆 has been with me 3 weeks now. I wake up to sit in star-shade by our potted grapevine that snuggles baby pigeon twins: it is quiet, so quiet you could hear us breathe. 596 more words

Whitney Cummings Stand Up Robot

Whitney Cummings Stand Up Robot

On this week’s episode of “The Last Laugh” podcast, stand-up comedian and writer Whitney Cummings talks about her new Netflix special, in which she unveils a sex robot of herself. 219 more words