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RPA / BPM Implementation Strategy

There is a broad misconception that RPA about “business process” by itself. I have heard people say that they were going to switch from BPM to RPA. 1,077 more words


Start a Profession in Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

There’s an immense chatter, stories, news and even films about an automated future everywhere-a future of bots and robots-a bot of just about every sort and robots mimicking humans. 1,579 more words

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Why do Some RPA Projects Fail?

Be prepared when implementing Robotic Process Automation. Learn about the most common points of failure when automating business processes.


Making smart decisions with RPA and Machine Learning

Machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence adds intelligence to RPA bots. Machine learning models capture human knowledge as model parameters and then enable the RPA bots to take decisions like humans. 235 more words

Robotic Process Automation

In The Mind of Algorithms: A Conversation with UiPath’s Machine Learning Team

It’s everywhere. It’s all around you. It’s in your smartphone, in your e-mail, in your Amazon and your Netflix, in your car and in your favorite supermarket. 1,926 more words


Top 6 Robotic Process Automation Best Practices for Maximum Gain

Where does RPA currently stand?

Worldwide use of robotic process automation has led to significant, positive impacts on business productivity. In 2017 the adoption of robotic process automation grew globally at a higher pace than ever before. 1,120 more words