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Medical robots: Nine exciting facts

Do you remember how Anakin Skywalker was seriously burnt and lost his legs in the third episode of Star Wars, The Revenge of the Sith? And do you also remember how robot surgeons did the best they could to save him? 99 more words


Robots in White Coats and Stethoscopes

If the next physician you see has a robotic bedside manner, it could be for good reason: That doctor might actually be a robot. Surgical robots that help perform delicate, minimally invasive procedures have been around for more than 15 years. 49 more words


Why This Robotic Medical Device Belongs In a Museum

Two and a half years ago, employees at THINK Surgical, a robotic surgery development company in Fremont, California, were cleaning out a storage unit near their headquarters when they found an object that appeared to be an old robot arm. 161 more words


How robots could be the future of surgery

I’ll never forget the first time that I came across a robot at medical school. I was doing a clinical attachment in urology at Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital trust. 174 more words


A new laser navigation system for image guided medical procedures

Maxon brushless DC motors, gearheads and encoders are at work in a laser system for CT-guided procedures.

Doctors rely upon high-resolution CT images, for example, to guide biopsies, make diagnoses or for pain relief therapies. 201 more words

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Full body obstacle collision avoidance

Previously I’ve discussed how to avoid obstacles using DMPs in the end-effector trajectory. This is good when you’re controlling a single disconnected point-mass, like a mobile robot navigating around an environment. 2,929 more words

Motor Control

Innovation, DC motor technology and the medical industry.

The number of worldwide medical patents filed in 2015 was more than twelve-thousand. The term “innovation” certainly applies to this industry.

In the field of medical technology, surgeon’s tools and machines are becoming smaller. 140 more words

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