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Pololu MAX14870 H-bridge with current limitation

After about an hour of frustration, I finally got a 0.1Ω resistor soldered in place of a cut trace on the Pololu MAX 14870 H-bridge board.  288 more words

First test cuts and progress report

Yesterday, I again spent most of the day struggling with SolidWorks.  My goal was to model the tape sensor boards, fix the modeling of the threaded rods to be 8-32 instead of ¼”, check the positioning of the tape sensors and ball set screws to make sure there were no conflicts with the M10 nuts for the set screws, and check the modeling of the motor mounts, tape sensor boards, barrel jack and voltmeter, to make sure that the pieces I will cut for the robot will align correctly. 909 more words


Track-wire detector sensitivity

I tried out different inductors today, and found that I got the best signals with an RLB1314-103KL 10mH inductor (better than the RLB0812-103KL 10mH inductors that came with the class parts kit).  449 more words


New DC motor technology released from maxon.

maxon motor is introducing new miniature brushless DC motors, brushless frameless motors in kit form and EtherCAT positioning controller solutions.

A number of new products are released from DC motor drive specialist maxon motor. 184 more words

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Track wire sensor

In Large inductor revisited, I suggested that using a 100mH inductor should produce larger signals than a 10mH inductor, based on my tests with a heavy 370mH inductor.  655 more words


Four tape sensors made

I decided to make the tape sensors be as simple as possible, without switching the IR emitter on and off.

I soldered up four copies of this design today (all the TCRT5000L parts I had—I’ve ordered more that should be here early next week). 285 more words


Checking out the new gearmotors

Last night I did some quick checks of the new 210 rpm and 300rpm motors (one of each).  The new 210rpm motor seems to be substantially the same as the ones that came with the wheels, but the 300rpm motor is indeed faster.  172 more words