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Future potential of brain chip is limitless after man controls robot arm with his thoughts

Scientists at Caltech reported Thursday that they had developed an implantable chip that gave a tetraplegic man, Erik G. Sorto, the power to drink beer with a robot arm. 80 more words

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Students with Special Needs respond to Interactive Robots

By Debra Winters, The Record
May 21st, 2015

One New Jersey school district here has a new member of its teaching staff: Nao, an interactive robot that works with students who have autism and those with language impairments. 95 more words


Stryker CEO: Robotics real 'game changer' (Video)

Kevin Lobo, Stryker CEO, weighs in on the company’s quarterly results, and provides insight to company’s bet on robotics. (Video)


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Gazebo and dynamics

Have you ever seen a robot spinning, shooting out like a cannonball or rapidly sliding in Gazebo?

Then, my friend, I have to let you know that you messed up the dynamics in your robot’s URDF. 72 more words


Domestic pets to be replaced by robotic imposters by 2025?

Robotic pets could replace the real things in a few decades, according to an Australian based researcher. An increasingly urbanized population could mean real animals remain only for the super-rich, and robotic imitations could become the norm. 607 more words


Simultaneous Localization and Mapping in Autonomous Flying Robot

The use of drones has grown quickly in recent years because unlike manned aircraft they can stay aloft for many hours, they are much cheaper to maintain than conventional aircraft and they are flown remotely so there is no danger to the flight crew.In this project, we build a system that enables a drone coupled with a ground based laptop to navigate autonomously in previously unknown and GPS denied environments .During our research it was found that using a GPS only approach for navigation was leading to significant reduction in accuracy especially in areas where GPS is unavailable due to obstructions or other reasons. 1,196 more words


Open house to showcase technical education programs

Student work in career and technical education programs will be showcased next week at Pinckney Community High School.

“We’ve been doing this now for five years and it’s a huge event,” Mark Stein, Pinckney’s career and technical education teacher, said about the fifth annual CTE Program Open House from 6-8 p.m. 350 more words