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New Artificial Muscles Could Be The Holy Grail Of Soft Robotics

Soft robots are able to do a number of different things but they move slowly. Actuators, the artificial muscles for soft robots, usually use pneumatics or hydraulics. 128 more words


Bringing two worlds together.

maxon DC motors bring together robotics engineering & art: Korean artist U-Ram Choe created a sculpture that appears to breathe all on its own.

A brushed maxon RE-max 17 motor and gearhead are the powerful yet smooth force behind the breathing motion of the kinetic sculpture the… 120 more words

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Robotics program transforms Galveston team into world champs

Ball (Galveston, Texas) has never won a state title in football or basketball, but it has an international trophy, thanks to a team of students who helped win the 2016 VEX Robotics Competition High School World Championship. 657 more words


maxon DC motors exploring ocean depths up to 6,000m.

An ROV fitted with maxon DC motors found the largest submarine built in WWII, lying 190 metres below the ocean. The DC motors and drives have the ability to reach depths up to 6,000m. 177 more words

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Moving exoskeletons from sci-fi into medical rehabilitation and therapy

Chances are, you’ve seen a person using a powered exoskeleton – what you might think of as a sort of bionic suit – but only in the movies. 97 more words


Medtronic invests another $20 million in Mazor Robotics

Medtronic PLC is preparing to invest another $20 million in Israeli med-tech company Mazor Robotics, which is expected on Tuesday to announce a new robotically assisted spine-surgery system called Mazor X. 34 more words

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Mall Security Robot Knocks Toddler To The Ground, Keeps On Going – Consumerist

Please someone make a movie called “Mall RoboCop”.

A wise man once declared: “A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.” But a mall security robot apparently… 13 more words