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Our 4-H Members had Success at the District 4 Championships

As mentioned previously, our local 4-H Robotics teams headed by our fantastic 4-H agent, Ryan Farley, (see Figure 1) wrapped up a very successful year on April 16th at the District 4 Lego Robotics Competition. 582 more words


Bring out the best in your DC motor with the right motor control.

For more than 25 years maxon motor have focused on motion control of brushed and brushless DC motors, evolving from stand-alone functionality to complete integrated drive systems. 167 more words

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STEAM and Coding Australian Workshops

CLWB is delighted to announce the successful delivery of 16 workshops across Australia with partners Intuyu and GEM. In total we delivered workshops to 252 people – principals, teachers and students – across the country, starting in Brisbane and finishing in Perth. 333 more words


Could robot write a novel or a book?

It sounds like a science-fiction fantasy: researchers are using artificial intelligence to produce novels and short stories. But are they any good? Hephzibah Anderson finds out. 1,325 more words


New DC motor Position Controller.

maxon motors smallest and most powerful DC motor controller to date.

For over a decade the line of Easy to Use Position controllers has proven itself with precision and reliability. 181 more words

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ROS and sounds or how to make your droid to say the Dalek Exterminate!!!

Audio feedback from your robot


After our previous post where Bence explained that roboticists should be careful doing scary stuff with their robot, I thought I need to do some with mine to troll ourselves. 1,086 more words


Robot Jia Jia: Chinese researchers create insanely human-like robot.

The state of robotics is seemingly moving at warp speed these days. Not only do we have Google’s Boston Dynamics division churning out increasingly adept, … 307 more words