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could robots 'commit more crime than humans by 2040'? Sussex's Dr Ron Chrisley thinks not...

Ever since Terminator, we have had a bit of an obsession about a global take-over by robots. With increasing Artificial Intelligence, advancements in humanoid forms and even self-driving cars, it appears to many that we are hurtling head long into a future inevitably ruled by robots. 264 more words


New wheelchair lets you cruise through town standing

Israeli technology start-up UPnRIDE Robotics is launching an innovative upright, self-stabilizing wheelchair at a medical conference in Germany next month and the company hopes the device will hit the market next year. 144 more words


British doctors successfully completed the world's first robotic surgery on a human eye

Steady hands are a necessity for all surgeons, but what happens when that necessity exceeds that of a human doctor’s abilities?

The answer appears to lie within robotics, as British surgeons this week “successfully performed the world’s first robotic operation inside the eye, potentially revolutionizing the way such conditions are treated,” the Guardian reported. 132 more words

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Anthrobotics: Where The Human Ends and the Robot Begins


The Anthrobotics Cluster seeks to start conversations (and answer questions) regarding some of the biggest topics in AI research. Here, Luis de Miranda, one of the founders, discusses anthrobots and the relationship between humans and machines. 2,157 more words


Segway Rider Bot

After initial assisted balanced position, bot self-balances on 2 tyres like a Segway or hover board (well almost), note this is a simple implementation and DOESN’T use any gyroscope. 30 more words


10 robotic surgery companies that may be operating on you sometime in your lifetime

Being a doctor is a well-paid profession, but the highest earning medical professionals are surgeons. Everybody who has had surgery knows just how much trepidation you feel when entering that room and realizing that someone is going to cut you open, root around a bit, and then sew you back up. 82 more words


Would You Let This Surgical Snake Robot Crawl Inside You?

The roboticist behind the creepy snake robot is back with another snake robot. Only this time it’s a robot that you’re supposed to willingly let slither into your mouth. 68 more words

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