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The Future of Surgery Is Robotic, Data-Driven, and Artificially Intelligent

As far back as 3,500 years ago ancient Egyptian doctors were performing invasive surgeries. Even though our tools and knowledge have improved drastically over time, until very recently surgery was still a manual task for human hands. 144 more words


Day 24 - Lots of Kids...

Robotics Club –  I think we have about 20 kids coming to robotics club now, with 4 or 5 females signed up and attending. It’s a lot of kids but they seem happy.  93 more words


9 Ways Robots Are Getting So Much Better

For several years, surgical robots in the medical device space were limited to giant arms that surgeons could control remotely. Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci robot has been used for gynecological procedures since 2005, and surgery using the robot remains the most common approach used for hysterectomies in the United States. 130 more words

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Day 19 - Robotics Club Getting' Keen

Robotics – Today I had the biggest turnout so to date. Kids were excited to build which was great. The next trick will be to get them organized so that they can share robots and build challenges in one day.  32 more words


This Accessory Makes VR So Real a Surgeon Could Train with It

The Dexmo glove, with its gleaming white carapace and jet-black connecting joints, looks much like a prop stolen from a Stanley Kubrick film set. On your hand, it gives you a cartoonish silhouette, as if some kind of humorous cheat code had been applied to reality to grant humans oversized, clod-like paws. 73 more words


could robots 'commit more crime than humans by 2040'? Sussex's Dr Ron Chrisley thinks not...

Ever since Terminator, we have had a bit of an obsession about a global take-over by robots. With increasing Artificial Intelligence, advancements in humanoid forms and even self-driving cars, it appears to many that we are hurtling head long into a future inevitably ruled by robots. 264 more words


New wheelchair lets you cruise through town standing

Israeli technology start-up UPnRIDE Robotics is launching an innovative upright, self-stabilizing wheelchair at a medical conference in Germany next month and the company hopes the device will hit the market next year. 144 more words