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This Paraplegic Man Used A Wii Balance Board To Stand Again

Treating patients with spinal cord injuries has always been a tricky process, especially in those with limited mobility. But physicians and researchers have made headway with treatment programs that rely on robotics, namely exoskeletons, that have resulted in patients regaining some movement back. 34 more words


Intuitive Surgical sues J&J’s Ethicon for ‘legal gymnastics’ over sales rep’s non-compete

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) subsidiary Ethicon is using “intricate legal gymnastics” to sidestep California’s restrictions on non-compete agreements, aiming to prevent its employees from hiring on with Intuitive Surgical (NSDQ:ISRG), the robot-assisted surgery company alleged last week in a lawsuit. 106 more words

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The Future of Surgery: Robo-Snakes that ‘Slither’ Down Your Throat

Medrobotics is a private corporation that specializes in developing surgical technology. Their newest innovation lies with their Flex Robotics System, a snake-like robot that can contort into the shape of human orifices, making surgeries quicker, easier, and more affordable as we move past invasive procedures. 7 more words


Why it's time to prepare for a world where machines can do your job

Radical changes in employment patterns are on the way as artificial intelligence takes on many routine, repetitive tasks currently performed by people.

For decades movies have warned of intelligent machines taking our lives while ignoring a more plausible near-future threat: that they will take our jobs. 2,466 more words


How many robots does it take to run your data center?

Organizations are finding new ways to automate their IT infrastructure.


Data centers have gone though a number of transformations over the years, including a shift away from large mainframe computers… 563 more words


Rubik’s Cube Solver Bot

Once a 3X3 Rubik’s cube is given to bot, it uses color sensors to scan all six sides, calculates the solution and then uses the cube placement arm and bottom rotating platform to solve the Cube. 7 more words


Mazor X unveiling triggers another $20m from Medtronic

Mazor Robotics (NSDQ:MZOR) said today that the unveiling last month of its Mazor X robot-assisted spine surgery platform triggered the 2nd step in a 3-stage equity deal with Medtronic (NYSE:MDT). 107 more words

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