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Micro:bit - Micro:bit Bluetooth robot

The Micro:bit is a tiny computer designed by the BBC for educating children in computing.

You may think there is not much point in using the Micro:bit for robotics when there is the Raspberry PI and Arduino available but there is beauty in its simplicity. 628 more words


Correcting reasoning on buck regulators

In More on cheap buck regulators, I wrote

We can fix the windup problem by either reducing the integrator coefficient (reducing the capacitor size on the COMP node, whose current size I’m uncertain of) or by using a larger inductor, so that the current changes less when the FET switches, and the time constant of the system is better matched to the integration time constant set by the RC value.

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Exoskeleton joint actuator

maxon motor have developed the Exoskeleton Drive GEN.1 for use in hip and knee exoskeletons.

The global Exoskeleton market is growing in both market share and technological developments at a rapid rate each year. 138 more words

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More on cheap buck regulators

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the cheap buck regulators I bought, and expressed some confusion about how poorly they were working.  I’ve spent a couple of days trying to diagnose the problem, and I think it is beginning to make some sense to me. 1,361 more words


Review of cheap buck regulators

I recently bought some very cheap buck regulators from Ali Express:


At only 44¢ each with claimed specs

Input voltage: 4.5V-28V

Output voltage: 0.8V-20V…

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Motor testing

I bought some 6V motors with mounting brackets, wheels, and Hall-effect rotary encoders from Ali Express (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1-set-2-set-High-torque-Electric-Encoder-Gear-Motor-DC-6V-210RPM-0-13A-Mayitr/32820157282.html), which arrived today, so I spent most of the day playing with them and trying to characterize them. 1,205 more words

Data Acquisition

Beacon detector SPI interface

In Beacon detector board, I introduced the hardware for the IR beacon detector, and in Digital tone detection with Goertzel’s algorithm, I discussed the algorithm used for detecting a 2kHz signal in a noisy background.   2,270 more words