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The Cleaners Part 23: Kaitlin's House

“Oh, Henry’s not so bad,” mumbled Cindy through her bologna and cheese sandwich and waving away the idea of Henry being bad with her free hand, “He acts a little crazy, but I think he’s coping well with what he’s been through. 1,658 more words


Bringing Computational Thinking Into Classrooms

One of the challenges for us has been how we can make what we are doing with technology and innovation a simple and natural part of what occurs in classrooms. 822 more words


Bob the Robot!

My name is Robert
They call me Bob
I am a robot
I have a job
24 hours every day
And they don’t even have to pay… 150 more words


These Microscopic Fish are 3D-Printed to do More Than Swim

Nanoengineers at the University of California, San Diego used an innovative 3D printing technology they developed to manufacture multipurpose fish-shaped microrobots — called microfish — that swim around efficiently in liquids, are chemically powered by hydrogen peroxide and magnetically controlled. 30 more words

Medical Technology

Beaglebone Black: Ubuntu 14.04 + ROS (Indigo) install

I have started to update my old projects with Beaglebone Black and ROS Indigo version.

Before ROS installation the best option is to install the Ubuntu 14.04(LTS) arm version. 526 more words


The Cleaners Part 22: What Happened to Jimmy Xeon?

I had no idea how long we’d been driving. It didn’t help that I couldn’t trust my memory. What if I’d forgotten a whole night in a hotel? 1,450 more words


Setting a TCP/IP server interface between MATLAB and PYTHON-Tutorial

In my  college when I heard about the name server the first thing which came to my mind is this picture

“Wow its a giant computer server and it is completely related to Computer Science people,and I have nothing to worry about this” 356 more words