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5 Hidden Gems Available For Streaming On AnimeLab

Madman’s streaming service AnimeLab is only a little over a year old but it sports a catalogue of series that is not only filled with titles currently airing in Japan but also a plethora of hidden gems of the past. 679 more words


Robotics;Notes Review

The success of Steins;Gate brought upon a successor with an ambitious budget, boasting animated 3D models instead of static sprites, anime cutscenes, and a bunch of side element like mini-games and an in-game VR app that adds on to the “game” part of the ADV. 2,260 more words


Entering the Steins;gate

Steins;gate is the second in the Science Adventure series, which started with Chaos;head, and also includes Robotics;notes and Chaos;child. Each of the games in the Science Adventure series focuses on certain scientific theories that are considered science fiction due to the lack of technology needed to prove or disprove them. 990 more words


GSC Halloween Festival @HK

Late post is late as usual.  It’s January 2015 and Fishy is blogging about a Halloween event from last year…!?  Oh well… Anyway, GSC organised some kind of two-day Halloween event in Hong Kong last year.  688 more words


The Fujoshi Files 120: Koujiro Frau

Name: Furugoori, Kona (古郡こな)
Aliases: Koujiro Frau (神代フラウ), FRAUKOJIRO, Frau Bow (フラウ・ボゥ)
Relationship Status: Single
Origin: Robotics;Notes

Furugoori Kona, better known by her internet handle “Koujiro Frau,” is the genius hacker and programmer of the popular mecha battle game… 177 more words