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The Zheng Cipher

A new story available today, courtesy of Black Library. “The Zheng Cipher” sees a radiation-soaked band of Skitarii Vanguard take on the alien menace of the Tyranids as they search for an ancient artifact on behalf of their Adeptus Mechanicus masters. 98 more words


Create to survive!

“Innovate or die.” I have heard this phrase so many times that it no longer has any impact. Yes, I believe it, but I see so many instances when innovation activities are crushed because it is not one of our “current priorities.” The first nail in the coffin… 329 more words


Could this creepy old guy actually be...a robot?!

This weird old guy was spotted at the AsiaWorld Expo, an electronics expo held in Hong Kong recently, creepily undressing people with his eyes, as he stared lasciviously at passersby like some kind of RocketNews24 writer on a weekend bender. 251 more words


Pumpkin Man: Cyborg Pumpkin page 8

I’m sorry, but this had to happen. In all sincerity, this is not just a story about pumpkins. This is also a story about blood. 49 more words


Fritz and the Dog

Fritz rolled up the sidewalk on his little robot wheels. A big shaggy dog with a drooly tongue bounded toward him with his tail happily wagging. 96 more words


Technology And Outdoor Sports Converge At Santa Cruz Drone Conference


Santa Cruz, Calif. (AP) — Surfers catching waves and mountain bikers pedaling through forests are used to the occasional low flying pelican or diving hawk, but these days outdoor recreationalists can find what’s up in the air isn’t a bird at all, it’s a drone. 489 more words