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Historia Galáctica

Hoy me sentía oxidado, y he decidido lanzarme a escribir un poco a ver si me calentaba un poco.

El resultado es un texto tontorrón (y posiblemente lleno de errores, solo lo he repasado una vez): 1,655 more words

Junk Bot

A Junk Bot is a robot built from whatever spare parts you have. To build one, take a bunch of pieces that are all one color and fit them together to make a robot. 25 more words


Sci Fi Paintings - Spring 2015

So here is the latest batch of science fiction paintings wot I did.


I went ahead and painted up one of the explorer sketches that I had previously sketched ( 65 more words


The Truth About (Most) Black Folks: Employment

Disclaimer: The following is the intellectual property of Nigga Please! Get Real! Incorporated. Any use or duplication without express consent of the author may result in yo ass gettin’ whooped! 2,228 more words


Hello world!

The first sentence a baby program says when it comes to life.


I studied computer engineering in the university. I didn’t really think I will choose this subject. 208 more words


Reading The Comics, May 22, 2015: Might Be Giving Up Mickey Mouse Edition

We’re drawing upon the end of the school year, on the United States calendar. Comic Strip Master Command may have ordered fewer mathematically-themed comic strips to be run. 876 more words