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Review - Transformers: The Last Knight

What’s this?

You know what this is: the FIFTH of Michael Bay’s inexplicably-successful Transformers movies. I’ve never met a single person who genuinely likes these things, and yet they still continue to pull in astronomical Box Office figures, so there must be someone, somewhere, who’s going to see them. 1,185 more words


#Unemployment Dystopia Latest: Robot 'Storms #Maths Test'!

A #robot – known as AI-MATHS – has sat a mathematics #exam in China, marking another milestone in the development of artificial intelligence

— ッ MEDIOLANA® EDU (@Mediolana) …

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On the Differences between Autonomous, Automated, Self-Driving, and Driverless Cars

Today we have cars. In 30 years we will have cars. But in the meantime, some cars will will driven by humans and others not, and there will be terms to distinguish them. 269 more words


Robots ** (Out Of 4)

Consensus: “Robots” was one of the first CGI animated films to truly disappoint. Robin Williams was entertaining but there is not much else to connect to.


Here's when robots will start beating humans at every task

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Don’t expect to see a human behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler by 2027. Or a set of human hands performing a delicate surgery by 2053. 186 more words


REVIEW: Robot Envy Zenith

Title: Robot Envy Zenith
Author: Various Artists
Year Released: 2016
Publisher: Magnetic Press
Format: Hardcover 172 more words

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Why Make?

Let’s call this a thesis statement. I make because

  • If I’m making, I can’t be self-destructive. I can’t be lazy. I have to pay attention. I have to pay attention to what’s right in front of me, not things out of my control.
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Knitting Machine