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Tonight on the Write Stuff -- Man and Machine: How Wide the Divide with Frank Creed

It’s the stuff of sci-fi — when man and machine combine so perfectly it creates a whole new being – a cybernetic organism where the artificial implants and the natural impulses fight for dominance. 256 more words

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Hugh Jackman Talks Chappie Stunts Vs. Wolverine Stunts: "They Were Treating Me Like An Old Man"

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If you could program your own personal robot, would you make him a mean tough super cool gangster to help you out on the ultimate heist? 164 more words


Robots Will Eat Your Brains

It seems to me that there are a great many science fiction stories that are flawed at bottom. Now I know that science fiction is by definition a flight of fancy and mostly impossible there have however been a good few times in the history of the genre where fiction predicted fact and what is more there are some themes within the genre which are widely considered to be very real possibilities as our technology develops. 1,175 more words


Basics of Electronics

I have accumulated:

2 arduino boards
2 bread boards
1 Billion LED lights
Colorful wires
1 actuator

I don’t know yet how to use them! I am excited about the prospect of building a basic tool, such as a battery powered fan. 70 more words


Kepler data keeps on giving

The Kepler data keeps giving us more data about potential earth-like planets in other solar systems.

This latest batch discusses planets nearly 500 light years away from our solar system. 424 more words


The San Diego Padres have a robot at spring training to train their outfielders

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In the above video, San Diego Padres coach Dave Roberts shows off “FungoMan,” a machine designed to more accurately “hit” fungos to outfielders for practice. 171 more words