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The Barbed Gift of Leisure - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Here is a thoughtful essay on the fact that the leisure we all desire is actually fraught with significant dangers and temptations. Mark Kingwell (the author) is obviously a scholar and his writing cuts across the standard short-attention-span variety of prose that flows in the gutters of the internet (translation: this is not an easy read). 379 more words


Meet the soft robot that helps weak hearts to keep beating

A soft robot which embraces failing hearts to keep blood pumping could one day be used to help keep people with heart failure alive.



The Blah Grays

As I mentioned in the last post, I kicked off my writing this year making short, daily entries in my 2017 planner. Most days, I just notate the weather and my thoughts on it. 548 more words

Blah Grays


So this week has been strange already. I’ve had this headache since last night that just won’t go away. I know, it’s probably not that strange for you people living in the age where cancer is about the deadliest illness you can get, but we can cure cancer with a pill in 2727. 190 more words



I suppose history will see October, 17 as the day that the future started. For that was the day when a newHuman wrote a poem. Not one that had been programmed into them, but something that came from its ‘soul’, something that was truly a ghost in the machine. 642 more words


Callisto Confidential

“Hargate, this is Carly Shellion checking in for the GSA Jupiter mission, Callisto Command Center. I know the solar storm took down your comms last month, so I’ll just read the list of what happened.” She affected her best cheerful expression. 1,311 more words