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Robot brothels could soon be a reality in the UK as urge for sex with dolls/robots reaches an all time high (photos)

Brothels which offer sex dolls/robots of different sizes, shapes and colours for prostitution to willing customers could soon become a reality in the streets of UK according to new reports. 314 more words

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What happens when you write sketch comedy

I am being tracked by robots.  This is mildly disconcerting.  The way it works is like this: I put out a tweet announcing another new comedy sketch by David Lovesy – … 380 more words


Move over Humans, Software is taking over What You Can Do; Quicker and Beyond Human Capabilities

“Software is eating the world.” This quote is by Marc Andreessen, a Silicon Valley investor who made this statement back in 2011. In retrospect, it was controversial but not opposed. 766 more words


Robot and Ruin at UT

It is confirmed that I am reading a lecture at the University of Texas at Austin in the Fall semester of 2016, in the course… 66 more words


In Copyright Law, Computers and Robots Don’t Count

A century ago, the cutting edge in artistic robotics was the player piano. The Supreme Court heard a player-piano case in 1908 and held that the paper rolls “read” by the player pianos weren’t infringing. 167 more words


Cyber-Physical Systems and their application in modern manufacturing

Written by Lieve Van Woensel with Brian Kelly,

CPS are technical systems where networked computers and robots interact with the physical world. Found in a wide range of services and applications, CPS are quickly becoming a part of modern manufacturing processes, making it necessary to examine the impacts they will have in this area. 499 more words


Zeiram 2

Zeiram 2 – 1994 – Japan

Zeiram 2 is a sequel to Zeiram (1991). Iria, the foxy alien bounty hunter, returns to Earth to destroy a robot warrior who hosts the parasitic monster Zeiram. 214 more words

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