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Researchers created a robotic hand that is eerily human-like and can learn on its own

We often take for granted how easy it is for us to complete basic tasks just using our hands.

Typing out an email or setting up a pot of coffee are things we can do bleary eyed in the morning, but the movements our hands have to make to complete such tasks are truly complex, human skills. 41 more words


Nobunaga the Fool should not have been Mecha

Nobunaga the Fool was one of the anime I cut my teeth on as a critic, during the winter season of 2014. It was a piece of historical fiction wherein Oda Nobunaga, Queen Himiko, Mitsuhide, Hideyoshi, and Kenshin teamed up with Joan of Arc and Leonardo da Vinci, to fight Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, a female Hannibal, Machiavelli, and King Arthur. 1,119 more words


Watch: Quartz talks with CEOs, politicians, union leaders, and a robot about the future of work

With each advance in technology, workers are forced to adapt. In some cases, their lives become easier and more productive; in others, their skills are rendered obsolete and jobs put at risk. 107 more words

How accurate are our download statistics?

Guest post by Joseph Greene, Research Repository UCD

How accurate are our download statistics?

From a ‘little experiment’ to an international collaboration

In February last year, we reached the one millionth download of items hosted in the… 575 more words

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Deploying a Docker container to Kubernetes on Amazon AWS

Based on recent posts I am still very busy with my Robots, the goal I am working on now is to create multiple Robot interaction solution. 1,487 more words


Coming Saturday, June 4 on Brothers on the Wall: Pastor Billy Crone

Jon Robberson shot several videos live, on-location in Utah yesterday, and he shot this one last night at around midnight. In it, he discusses their upcoming show with Pastor Billy Crone and what they will be talking about with him. 36 more words


Future of work, mostly in industrial plants, is done by robots

If robots are the future of work, where do humans fit in?

Note: I watched a documentary on robotized industrial plants yesterday. Japan is the leading nation for 3 decades in manufacturing robots of all kinds and exporting about 180,000 industrial robots. 1,453 more words