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Visit to NASA

We are getting ready to take a road trip to Cape Canaveral in Florida. NASA has built a prototype engine that uses principles of the Zero Point Field to create propulsion. 10 more words



If ever a machine was truly unhappy, Dack Ordee was that machine. His remotely humanoid build allowed him the ability to squat in the shadows of the barn in which he hid. 859 more words

Creative Writing

The first Robot with a Saudi Arabian citizenship.

Sophia the robot might not have a heart or brain, but it does have Saudi Arabian citizenship.
As of October 25, Sophia is the first robot in history to be a full citizen of a country. 413 more words


Kicking A Sad, Drunk Robot While It's Down: Thoughts on Anthropomorphism and the Replication of Human Subjectivities

Anthropomorphism is the application of human characteristics and traits, such as emotions and intentions to non-human entities. Your favouritest, friendliest teddy bear and those mean looking vents in the side of the warehouse that you have to walk past on your way home from school. 2,812 more words

Cretaceous Queen, Chapter One: Extinction Event

Chapter One: Extinction Event

Katie skidded to a halt in her low top sneakers. Gasping in exhaustion and shock, she surveyed a traffic jam of hastily abandoned cars. 1,779 more words



There has a lot of controversy over of microtransactions from a certain video game. After days of  fan anger and just hours before the official launch of the game the company decided to temporarily suspend any microtransactions.  8 more words


Cyber Cuddles

This is Charlie. He’s friendly and playful and he never has to go to the vet.

He wriggles and purrs, roars and wags his tail — affection for the price of four batteries. 85 more words

Life: Scattered Thoughts & Smiles