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Intimacy.exe | Rewrite

This is a rewrite of the same story found here

Please note there are NSFW moments.

Faye met Cen a few weeks ago. His name was short for Centurion International Cybertronics Model 5RS-9M-MarkIV, Serial# B27H733MQ. 3,660 more words


Blowup Doll for a Companion

There’s an article out about these dolls a person can purchase for 15k.  They are sex dolls and they might look a bit more realistic than a blowup doll, but they are just objects.  419 more words


Are journalists at threat of being replaced by robot’s?

Image Source: http://www.indianweb2.com/2017/02/11/can-robots-write-ai-content-writing/

There was an article published in The Guardian titled, “Written out of the story: the robots capable of making the news… 321 more words


A Shopping Startup Automated an Entire Fulfillment Center and No One Lost a Job

“Are you still going to need me when that thing goes live?”

That was one of the questions Boxed CEO Chieh Huang had to answer when employees saw a robot taking items off the shelf at the company’s fulfillment center. 670 more words


Me On the Map

First graders were reading about maps, so in STEAM they planned and designed a map of an imaginary community. First, we brainstormed places in a town and made a concept map.   95 more words

What's Happening In Miss Conroy's STEAM Lab

Reading the Hugos: An Unimaginable Light, by John C. Wright

Although I may write a review of a super secret Hugo story, the last real Hugo short story finalist is An Unimaginable Light, by John C. 1,341 more words


Basic income

Readers who are unaware of the basic income concept can find an outline here.

As Ontario, Canada’s largest province, became the latest to announce… 562 more words