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GuitarBot Brings Together Art and Engineering

Not only does the GuitarBot project show off some great design, but the care given to the documentation and directions is wonderful to see. The GuitarBot is an initiative by three University of Delaware professors, , , and to introduce their students to ‘Artgineering’, a beautiful portmanteau of ‘art’ and ‘engineering’. 154 more words


Whingey Wednesday

I’m regularly disillusioned about things on a Tuesday morning. I blame ABC’s Four Corners on Monday nights.

This week the disillusionment has leached into Wednesday. 712 more words


Increasing Minimum Wage Puts More Jobs at Risk of Automation

When the minimum wage goes up, the robots come for people’s jobs. That’s the upshot of a paper published today on the National Bureau of Economic Research’s website (abstract, full PDF paywalled), which analyzed how changes to the minimum wage from 1980 to 2015 affected low-skill jobs in various sectors of the U.S. 261 more words


Visa Approved for Afghan Girls Robotic Team! :-D

Thankfully the denial of their visas was reversed Wednesday and the girls will be allowed to travel to the U.S. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) granted them “parole,” authorizing a one-time, temporary entry into the country for humanitarian reasons or “significant public benefit,” a DHS spokesman told The Post.

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Machines with Brains — Quartz

The boundaries between person and machine are becoming difficult to define. Human brains power robotic limbs; an artificially intelligent machine serves as the manager for tens of thousands of workers; chatbots act as digital replicas of us. 39 more words

Robot Technology

A Man disguises himself as a car seat to teach self-driving cars to deal with humans. What?

I am not sure where to begin with this article. A guy pretends to be a seat cushion to teach robot cars how to deal with humans. 63 more words