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Swedish women in music speak out: why the male dominated industry needs a drastic make-over

With #MeToo going viral and dominating the news for weeks now, the stories of sexual abuse are not limited to the movie and TV industry of Hollywood anymore. 1,099 more words


S Q U A D goals | Met G A L A |

Rihanna is looking really stylish in her outfit.  This is outfit is really unique, thinking if I would wear this dress. Everyone look so beautiful


How to collect Nordic pop music, part two: the essentials course

As with the last couple of years, the second week of our seven weeks of How to Collect… will look at the essential acts of the place we’re focusing on. 1,302 more words

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Rihanna Be My Suga Mama


I love Rihanna. And I’m gonna need for her to go ahead and be my makeup suga mama!! Just imagine being able to hang out with her and have her keep you in the latest… 636 more words


Cry When You Get Older

Words that resonate, with both Shida and Hawk.


Pop Glory

My favourite pop songs are the ones tinged by sadness. Go figure.

You’ve read this blog for few months, or years if you’ve been here since the beginning? 452 more words