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Crazy face on Rocamadour building

Rocamadour is an absolutely stunning French town. This photo here does not reflect its beauty but rather one of its many little curious details. The town itself is built against a huge rock mountain. 51 more words


First Week

So my study abroad trip does, in fact, include studying. We’ve been in Albi, France for the past week-and-a-half doing our class, and it’s been a really great time exploring southern France. 1,462 more words


And now for something a bit more touristy....

After yesterday we were both in the mood for something a bit more cheerful today so we decided to head off to the tourist hotspot of Rocamadour. 302 more words


Poulenc: Litanies a la Vierge Noir

May the Black Virgin of the Black Sun bestow her rays upon the Path of the righteous Aryans through the coming tidal waves of bloodshed!


Rocmadour revisited.

It’s 26 years since we visited Rocamadour,  so for my birthday treat we had a grand day out in April. When it normally rains that day, the sun shone on me for once! 170 more words



Take it away, Wikipedia.

I didn’t plan on going there because of that (extremely appealing) description. That the opening paragraph contained “Cantalians”, “cheese”, “most sparsely populated and geographically isolated”, and “farthest removed from a major motorway” was sweet icing on the cake; that is, if the cake is a 6 hour drive from Paris next to grumpy Parisian on the eve of New Year’s Eve. 430 more words

O Life