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Rock Bottom

Anxiety disorder. That’s what I have..at least according to me. I don’t feel like doing anything. My head hurts. I am irritated. I am frustrated. I am suicidal. 132 more words


Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘You’re Just a Bad Memory’

In “Rock Bottom,” a ninth-season “Dallas” episode, J.R. (Larry Hagman) is sitting alone on the Southfork patio when Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) approaches.

SUE ELLEN: 304 more words


Critique: Dallas Episode 193 — ‘Rock Bottom’

“Dallas” fans will always remember Sue Ellen drinking with the bag lady and winos at the end of “Rock Bottom.” Like J.R.’s shooting and Bobby’s “death,” 1,052 more words


Grasping At Hope In The Pits

Chances are you didn’t start out intending to become an addict. Having an “-ism” wasn’t on your childhood wish list. Truth is your addiction started quite innocently enough. 359 more words

Daily Ponderings


I can honestly say that this year was so full of change, so full of potential and so full of my opportunity to achieve something. 360 more words


Step 1: Admitting We Were Powerless

We admitted we were powerless over our addiction, that our lives had become unmanageable.

We tried to stop, but we couldn’t. It wasn’t even remotely fun anymore.

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Daily Ponderings


When I look at Eminem’s story, I can only respect him. To see someone that’s experienced multiple setbacks in his life, hit rock bottom and still be at the stage that he is today is inspirational. 332 more words