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What I learnt by hitting rock bottom

It finally all got to me…I broke.

I recently experienced feelings I had never felt before.

I am not going to go into detail with how I got to this point but what I will say is that small negative blows in life can turn into one massive break down, if you allow it. 407 more words

The tipping point.

Yesterday I reached the lowest point of my life.

I got so angry that I broke my hand in a fit of rage and put a whole in the wall of my kitchen. 239 more words

Mental Health

Stations of the Cross part 8: Rock Bottom Loneliness

Of all the last words of Jesus, the one that stands out in stark relief against the rest is the one that was most misunderstood at the time He said it. 698 more words

All About Jesus

I'm Rock bottom.

So today was a mixed bag started off well, some good work news and then it was gone – over a little thing I broke down again. 450 more words


peripheral nirvana

I need some time¬†every morning to say a little prayer and pull myself together before I get up.¬†Depression peculiarities or an introvert’s reluctance towards facing a new day. 1,385 more words

Reinvented Approaches

What it Feels Like Right Now #truth

As I sit at my computer I feel numb. I don’t know if it is the medication I’m on or if it is the shock of the past few months. 295 more words

Latuda Costs $1120.00

So… yesterday was awful.

It didn’t START awful. Like, I didn’t wake up already feeling like I should kill myself or blow up a medical building, but I ended the day debating both. 1,191 more words