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Music & Tarot - 10 of Swords

Ten of Swords (Athames/Arrows)

This card’s meaning seems to vary a bit more from deck to deck but overall the card represents a loss, regret, ruin, or conflict. 488 more words

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Robert Wyatt : Sea Song

Let’s quit our comfort zone

Robert Wyatt was the drummer of Soft Machine. He one evening fell from a window and therefore became paralyzed; he uses a wheelchair since. 569 more words

One Year After My Rock Bottom

It’s astounding what this last year has taught me. I’m truly amazed and proud of how far I’ve come.

This time one year ago, I was at the lowest of my lows. 1,146 more words


Rock Bottom Isn’t Such a Scary Place After All

Rock bottom is a dreadful place. For some, it is flinching to the sound of prison gates closing behind you. For others, it’s waking up in a pool of your vomit, with a terrible hangover and a sinking feeling that you might have misplaced the past 10 or so years of your life. 630 more words


Humorous Pride

Growing up, my main inspiration was my Grandfather, Uncle Sam. The fellow is the embodiment of humility, compassion, mercy, meekness, and self-control. And he has several funny tales that he always shares with anyone who’s ready to listen. 246 more words

Rock botto

swirling and spinning

quickly downward

nothing to grip onto

the hole seems endless

yet i have a sense of rock bottom

and i think i’m about to hit it… 90 more words


The Beginning: ABCs of My Life

This is my first post guys so give me hell or heaven for it just as you see fit:

When I opened a WordPress account two months ago I had nothing to write about. 193 more words