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Rock Bottom

Edmund Dantes was sentenced to 14 years in Chateau d’If for a crime he never committed and that forms the story of Count of Monte Cristo. 703 more words


Lean In to Discomfort (Live. Pray. Hustle. 10/24/16)

When we hit rock bottom, we need to sit there for a while and allow ourselves to feel the pain instead of looking for instant relief. 13 more words


My Story, Part Three.

(originally posted to Tumblr November 10, 2014)

November 22nd, 2009. I was holed up at what was known as the Larry B. Zieverink Alcoholism Treatment Center… 3,205 more words


obsessively grateful. part 1: pets

A friend of mine posted on FB today, “Sometimes you feel so bad, then you see a cat, and everything’s ok.” It inspired me to write something uncomplicated for a change. 1,528 more words

Rock Bottom

I Gave Up (Sometimes)

I gave up.

I gave up on everything.

I gave up on myself.

That was the best thing ever.

Sometimes you gotta hit rock bottom to look up at the sky again… 73 more words


The gift of America's rock bottom.

“I was set free

because my greatest fear had been realized…

And so rock bottom became a solid foundation

on which I rebuilt my life.”

1,147 more words

From the Bottom

How far down this hole did you crawl. How long did you travel through the maze ruined dreams and cast aside ambitions. Just to have a cool place to lay with the failures amassed. 74 more words