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Rock bottom

Lots of us know what it feels like to hit rock bottom. Its scary, defeating and just plain depressing. Whats worse is when you hit rock bottom and you just keep going and going and going and going. 691 more words

Hot Deal: $2 pints at Rock Bottom

Last month I posted about Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery’s happy hour which features $3 imperial pints. This month Rock Bottom’s Seattle location is holding tapping parties every Friday that will feature $2 pints of their new release beers. 73 more words


Rock Bottom (191 Words)

I stepped on so many cracks that if my mother wasn’t already dead I would have killed her just walking back to my apartment. Brian had tried to cheer me up by explaining to me that this way I would never have to watch as her beginning stages of early-onset Alzheimer’s turned into me visiting a 45-year-old stranger three to five times a week but it hadn’t worked. 122 more words


The Bottom Ain't So Bad

I can say that I honestly don’t know what the fuck I’m doing most of the time. Apply that statement to any scenario in my life: relationships, my job, being a functioning adult, and this fucking blog for shit’s sake. 677 more words


Meias Palavras

Ele tinha o necessário para viver, para seguir em frente depois de tudo o que aconteceu. Sua bagagem era pequena, apenas o suficiente para se sentir vivo, era um viajante que já havia perdido aquilo que um dia foi importante, hoje só quer começar de novo.


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Às vezes não precisamos muito mais do que meias palavras! Sinceramente, às vezes a gente se perde de nós mesmos e quando isso acontece ficamos sem orientação, perdemos nosso norte, tentamos entender o que aconteceu de errado, quando devíamos poupar energia para seguir em frente. Leia essas meias palavras de Jair do blog Labirinto Radical, me identifiquei muito com esse post!

Sometimes we do not need much more than half words! Honestly, sometimes we lose ourselves and when that happens we are left without guidance, we lose our north, we try to understand what went wrong, when we should save energy to move on. Read these half words of Jair from the Labirinto Radical blog, I identified myself a lot with this post (only in portuguese)!

How God Brought Me Home

I didn’t know I wanted animals or kids. God gave me both. 3 of each, and all rescues. Well, two cats and a dog needed a loving home. 832 more words


5 Proven Ways to Rebound From Rock-Bottom Like a Badass

We have all been there, I suppose.

We have all experienced to some extent varying degrees of the same hell.

It’s called ‘rock-bottom’, and quite aptly named, I might say. 1,803 more words