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What I learned: Rock Bottom 101

As a kid, I always had this idea that my 20’s were going to be the best years of my life.

The age where I could legally buy a drink. 923 more words


5 Positive Things To Remember When You’ve Hit Rock Bottom

What am I going to do?

Where do I go from here?

How could I possibly get out of this?

If you, like me, have ever been in situations where you feel like you’ve fallen down a bottomless, dark ditch and are lying in an absorbing bed of quick sand, then you know how distressing it is to have those black hole kind of thoughts where there seems to be no beginning nor end. 787 more words

Joy dots

Met some friends today on the beach. I say beach, it’s on the Thames path in the Docklands so ‘stony causeway’ is probably more appropriate. We skimmed stones (me and Housemate 2; he won), they waddled around, cleaned their feathers, did some standing on one leg stuff. 583 more words


4 Reasons Why Rock Bottom Is The Best Place To Be

It’s not every day when something happens that causes you to completely change your life around.

There is a defining moment in each of our lives that determine the before and after. 607 more words

Rock Bottom

I’m sick that’s what other people say
But I know I won’t die today
I’m trapped that’s what I understand
Is it because I’m at rock bottom I think as a man… 39 more words


Why Do You Have to Thank That Trouble That Made You Hit Rock Bottom?

It’s good to have a conversation with a friend you have the same wavelength and same level of maturity. It allows you to open a bit more about your thoughts without fear of being rejected, much worse judged. 638 more words

Writing Stories To Tell

How Low Can You Go?

I remember a contest from years ago. The neighborhood kids had set up a bar and would bend over backwards and kind of skip their way under it. 317 more words