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Today, I was thinking about the hell I put my body and my mind through when I was younger. I was using (almost on the daily) MDMA, cocaine, or acid. 295 more words



Rock Bottom! You’ve heard the phrase, but you never imagine what that truly looks and feels like. Every time I thought I tasted those cold bitter rocks, I realized I was only licking them on a bungee cord. 1,433 more words


Rock Bottom can Change Everything

It was 1505 and Martin Luther was caught in a terrifying storm. Rain, lightening, thunder all crashing down on him as he rushed to the relative safety of a tree. 446 more words


My Smart Phone is Trying to KILL ME!!! And I have proof!!!

Have you ever felt stuck and wanted a change but didn’t know where to start?

Rachel here and my smart phone hates me…

How do I know this? 346 more words


Love Yourself for a Beautiful Life

Everyone has a story. Everyone has the ebbs and flows of ups and downs. Like many people, I’ve had a rock bottom. For those who haven’t, I pray you can discover yourself properly without one. 449 more words


down the bank

two fingers, three, maybe four or more
no ice on friday night lonely, neat

trying to remember how you were loved back when it was easy… 342 more words


a renewal

I am not yet ready to write in detail about my recent hitting of rock bottom.

Here is an image I created shortly before my ultimate low. 266 more words