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Prehab: avoiding climbing injuries

I feel as if I am at a particularly vulnerable place in my climbing progressions. In many respects it’s fantastic: I have the strength to cling to much smaller holds than I could at the start of the summer – so I can climb much harder routes :) 363 more words


How to be a badass

When I worked at the Guardian on travel we had a general rule. If we went to review a hotel or trip or project and it turned out to be something we didn’t enjoy or feel comfortable recommending, rather than write a piece that was negative, we wouldn’t write anything at all. 1,236 more words

Keep Smiling & Climbing.

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” – Sir Edmund Hillary

Climbing and Trekking in Krabi

Me and Alex took a boat from Koh Phangan on April 24 back to the mainland followed by a bus where it was just me and him (made me think they should’ve hired a car since it was only two of us on a bus that could fit around 50). 980 more words


Outdoor Research with the Quickness

As more companies consciously make an effort to keep sexism out of their marketing content, others are stuck in the Mad Men mentality of the past. 334 more words


Tuesday Climbing •∆• September 27 2016

Hello loves! I’m finally doing a post on this blog. I climb at a local YMCA every Tuesday so today I’m going to be talking about what I did this Tuesday. 206 more words


Bullet Points and a Brew 9/27/16

A week and a day late, but it’s out. I’m getting started on the first week in our new facility. We’re putting stuff together and figuring out the flow of the whole space, but it should be really cool once everything’s dialed in. 724 more words