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Tom Patey - One man's mountains a few tales from a must read.

One of the great mountaineering books I have ever read is One Man’s Mountains about the life of the famous Scottish Climbing Doctor Tom Patey.  Sadly I never met Tom but he was well known by many of my friends in the RAF Mountain Rescue and helped them on many call – outs especially in the far North West where he was a Doctor in Ullapool. 1,081 more words



With Jake’s visit, a bunch of exciting new crags to explore and unbroken immaculate weather, I’d somehow managed to climb for 11 days on the trot – you don’t need a masters in sports science to realise that isn’t very conducive to recovery let alone improvement, and I finally found the willpower to force myself to take a rest day. 233 more words

Rock Climbing

Endurance: How do I build it?

Endurance is a big part of climbing and if you don’t have it, your gym sessions will be shorter, and you will not be able to send the more difficult routes. 318 more words

7 Fun Things To Do with Your Friends

1. Go zip lining/parasailing/rock climbing

  • So far I’ve been zip lining and rock climbing with some friends and I’ve got to say, it was awesome! My favorite was zip lining, which is weird because I hate heights!
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The Dangers of Being Labeled a Climber

I climb, but I’m not a climber.

To me, taking on that label requires more consistency and an effort to improve in the sport. I’ve been climbing for five years and have never ascended anything harder than a 5.10 (for those unfamiliar, this grade is considered intermediate). 742 more words

The Outdoors

rock and roll

This, my friends, is Tucker Boulder Park in Davis, West Virginia. It’s a modest little park. Just a bunch of rocks, you might say.  The smaller boulders are natural stones found in the area. 478 more words


Climbing Logic!

As a logic professor I regularly have to remind myself to turn off the logic switch when I’m not in the classroom setting, or writing professionally. 730 more words