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Enjoy The Experience The Way You Want To

Sometimes we can develop preferences for how we experience something, and in turn we may recommend others to do it the same way. For example, when I go to a rock concert I like to go up front because the crowd seems to be more active there (I’m also pretty short and I like to go where I can get the best view.) For a while I personally felt like that was a major part of the experience, moving along with the motion of the crowd and being surrounded by fans of the same music. 710 more words


Aging rockers rush to see aging rockers

My friend JR is grinning like a Cheshire cat today. He’s just snapped up tickets for the AC/DC tour when it hits Perth in November. He refused to say how much but I did notice that tickets ranged up to A$627. 204 more words


Juggalos Project

Juggalos Project copyright 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

Day and night…heavenly bodies rain down  on the crowd.


Juggalos Project

Juggalos Project copyright 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

…I got hot with a flying object and it broke my flash off at the hot shoe.


Tying Up Loose Ends

I have a tendency to digress when telling you my stories, so occasionally to promise to give the end of a story at a later date. 985 more words

Trip Report

Juggalos project

Juggalos project Copyright 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.


A 23-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Early September, 1974

Sunday, September 1, 1974

I had a perfectly lovely day, but when I came home tonight, things that have been escaping my notice for weeks and months finally built up and I became depressed. 4,735 more words