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Day 14: Creating an Image for Ourselves

This post was written by Dona Anderson, YCC member and student at Capital City Public Charter School:

Taking a break from all the tree-cutting we’ve been doing all week, I wanted to talk about another goal we have for the YCC. 205 more words

Day 13: English ivy takedown!

This post comes to you from Carla Flores and Phong Nguyen, YCC staff members and students at Capital City Public Charter School:

Carla: Today was a great day! 988 more words

Days 11-12: Invasive Plant Patrol!

Invasive plants are a major problem in Rock Creek Park. There are more than 200 non-native species in the park, and quite a few of those are considered invasive, meaning that they take over wide areas and have a detrimental effect on other native plant species and consequently, wildlife. 289 more words

Day 8: The Last Stone on Thunderegg Hill

Backtracking a bit from the previous post. On Tuesday, July 15, we finished work on our legacy project… creating the mitigation channel to make sure that water is draining from the Valley Trail into a culvert instead of all over Beach Drive. 213 more words