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Deciphering DC: Capitol Stones

Rock Creek Park is big enough where you can hike around it dozens of times and still find new spots and trails yet discovered by you. 373 more words

Deciphering DC

A Park and Mysterious Sounds in the Night

I live on the edge of a bustling downtown equipped with a mall, movie theaters, office buildings, city buses, traffic and people, lots of people, but no more than a mile from my house is an extraordinary expanse of old growth forest you can actually get lost in and not hear a car. 574 more words


Of nature and nurture

On the surface, DC is the epitome of a metropolitan city with its ceaseless bustling activity, surrounding marble and concrete buildings. Dive a little deeper, and you’ll find it’s so much more than that. 298 more words

Driving and Marching and Hiking

MLK Weekend in Philadelphia

Before inauguration took us all to live in the upside down, Kyle and I got out of town and went up to Philly for a few days. 614 more words


Edge of the Woods Trail (Rock Creek Park, DC)

The Edge of the Woods Trail is a short, wheelchair-accessible path in Rock Creek Park, starting and ending at the Nature Center. Along the way are interpretive signs on the area’s flora and fauna, but there’s not much to see besides woods and a very small meadow. 193 more words

Loop Hike

Pine-Holly Trail Loop (Rock Creek Park, DC)

Situated in Rock Creek Park’s wild northern section, the Pine-Holly Loop traces a 1.5-mile circuit in the woody pocket between the creek and 16th Street in Washington, DC. 440 more words

Loop Hike

Featured Species #3: Northern Water Snake

The title of Douglas Adams’s Mostly Harmless could have easily been referring to the northern water snake (Nerodia sipedon). Spoiler alert: it isn’t. It’s about people. 498 more words

Wheaton Regional Park