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In a Brown Study

This gallery contains 2 photos. Lest I be pigeonholed :) … three days after discovering a white peace (white morph/leucistic) dove at Burnaby Lake/Piper Spit, I found this brown morph rock pigeon 164 more words


Downtown at the pigeon hospital

I was sitting, watching the pigeons at the train station and noticed how many of them have illnesses and disabilities. There were sooty ones, fluffed ragged ones, toeless, and footless ones. 104 more words


The Great White Wonder

This gallery contains 2 photos. The brown morph rock pigeon (which appears tinted as pink) at Reifel may have eluded me, but this lovely, showstopping leucistic Rock Dove at Burnaby Lake/Piper Spit took my breath away. 95 more words


The "Pigeon-Doves"

are pretty similar to the pigeons in American cities. I saw the birds in all three countries, but the ones in France were slightly different. At a park in Paris called “Le Place des Vosges” there were some pigeons that were slightly larger (not fatter, just larger over all) and more of a buff color than a mix of grey, white, and iridescent. 98 more words


" the rock " pidgeon of milan

<Standing and staring at me,  he is so cute, he thinks he is in control >

I wonder if there is a parallel universe where pidgeons are evolved and humans aren’t.. 34 more words


Gable Roof Dove

A strong wind from the east was blowing in toward west and then spiraling around through the copses of trees behind me. It was a perfect day at the farm and the temperature was sitting at about twenty-one degrees Celsius; it wasn’t warm but I was quite comfortable and very excited about my half day hunt at the farm. 416 more words


Scotland 2015 (part 2)

We then drove to the Isle of Lewis, firstly to Stornoway to look for Iceland Gulls in the harbour. There were at least 5 around the harbour and whilst there a White Tailed Eagle flew over. 140 more words