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Rock Dove (Columba livia)

Doves. Pigeons. Flying rats. Birds from the Columba family are called by many names. Rock Doves are one of the most common birds in the world. 165 more words



Happy to be blogging again.  I have always loved to paint Doves and Pigeons. They are capable of being extremely beautiful representing joy and hope and peace or they exist in the background as quiet observers of your daily life.   10 more words

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…….but they do pose so nicely for me.

……….and finally. 9 more words


"Seeing Things" by Jane Beal

I see things
no one else sees:

seven seagulls swooping in a circle
over a city street –
the silhouette of rock dove landing on a rooftop… 93 more words

Jane's Birdwatcher Poems


Pigeons aren’t exactly the most popular people around town. Some may even argue that pigeons aren’t people, however I’ve never been one to let the truth get in the way of a vague alliteration. 687 more words

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