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rock dove

The Columba livia is most often referred to as a plain ol’ “pigeon” but I prefer one of its other common names – rock dove.  Makes you think of them differently, doesn’t it? 983 more words

One-legged Pigeon

‘One-legged Pigeon’ Rock Pigeon (Columba livia) – at Guruvayur, Kerala. 6 more words


Waiting for the Train

A Rock Dove (Feral Pigeon) sitting on the train tracks.  Surprisingly enough this seems to be a popular perch for Pigeons, Crows, and Gulls.  I have not idea why.   8 more words


That intervening space

Rock Pigeons (Scientific name: Columba livia) are tubby birds with small heads and short legs. Their wings are broad but pointed wings and the tail is wide and rounded. 53 more words


Why Don’t You See Baby Pigeons?

Have you ever wondered why in spite of the numerous pigeons we see in our cities that we never see baby pigeons. The BBC has a video on nesting behavior and how chicks are raised by city pigeons or Rock Dove… 13 more words