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#31 - Rock Dove

Photographed on 4/19/2018 in Eminence, Missouri

Bird Sightings

The sprites of spring

Since my last post, spring migrants have continued to arrive in south Shetland. In the order in which I saw them: Chiffchaff, Blackcap, White Wagtail, Wheatear, and Ring Ouzel. 45 more words

Rock Pigeon

A bird that is highly adapted to life in cities and towns all over the world, the rock dove or rock pigeon (Columba livia… 92 more words

Friends In My Garden

Urban Dwellers

Why are pigeons in every city that I have ever been to? Did they develop with modernity and the process of urbanization? Or are they, as an old friend of mine once believed, just well disguised robotic spying mechanisms? 194 more words



Here is a Sharp-Shinned Hawk with a Rock Pigeon in our backyard. This photo was taken by my husband. Learn more: YOUNG RAPTORS


100 Birds in 2018 - #9 Rock Pigeon

These birds can be considered pests, invasive, and just a pain.  Even with this, they do have some interesting characteristics.  I love the iridescent feathers along their throat, (though they don’t show in this photo) and the calm coo-coo that they make. 106 more words


DT 482


Scottish river (3) = TAY
Taxi (3) = CAB
Gardening tool (4) = RAKE

Veil (7) = YASHMAK
Pigeon (4) = ROCK DOVE

Cryptic… 24 more words

DT Cryptic